Parrot Bebop 2 – Tutorial #1 – Set-up


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44 Replies to “Parrot Bebop 2 – Tutorial #1 – Set-up”

  1. Michael Hanks

    That landing at the end was not how they actually preform! I completely enjoy my Bebop 2 until it lands – you can't land it yourself and the software just drops the drone from about 1.5-2ft.

  2. Gabriel Contreras

    Que tal Srs. Parrot, gabriel desde panama consulta consegui un parrot bebop 2 de segunda mano con un SK1, el problema que tengo es que no logro conectarlo veo la red wifi, pero el dron no genera su red wifi para conectarse en que me pueden ayudar y muchas gracias Atta. Gabriel Contreras email.

  3. 小桧山満之

    I am glad if there is a solution. About 2 weeks ago I bought Parrot Bebop 2 FPV.

    1) Turn off the power after flying a few minutes without a battery charge fully charged. And if you try to turn on the power again soon, sometimes it is turned on or off.

    If you use a spare battery on the spot, it may come in sometimes or not. If you put it in again or spray it, there are times when you suddenly go out.

    Once the power is turned on, it will operate completely normally unless it is turned off.

    2) The smartphone FreeFlight Pro may be connected smoothly and may not be connected again without reinsertion. Is this also abnormal?

    I would be glad if you knew anyone.
    I apologize again for posting to this place.

    解決策があれば嬉しく思います。二週間程前にParrot Bebop 2 FPV購入しました。
    2)スマートホンのFreeFlight Proもスムーズにつながる時と何度も入れ直さないと繋がらない時もあります。これも異常でしょうか?

  4. LordKwad

    I've got the bebop 2 with sky controller. Is it normal for the sky controllers gps to be green and the bebops gps to be red or am I doing something wrong? I took it for a test hover yesterday but didn't get chance to use return to home. But now it says there is no gps or home position recorded :/ please help

  5. OutcastVaper

    Im planning on getting a bebop 2 and was just wondering if you had to buy the fpv bundle to get fpv or can i buy the goggles at a later date would be nice if someone could give some insight, thanks.

  6. Alain Herriott

    According to the forum site at as long as the propellers are into the narrow slot area it should be fine. With time the propellers will seat on their own. As time goes by the plastic will “wear in” so to speak and you can take them on and off more easily.

  7. phuong tong

    does anyone know the tune Bebop 2 integrate with Parrot Skycontroller, when I open them up then Skycontroller always turn the lights red, right out the blue control new Bebop 2 fligth

  8. Christian CHEV

    Got Bebop2 drone for some weeks now, and i love this drone. But does someone know why the bebop in this video lands smoothly, and my bebop2 lands like a falling rock? I only land it in grass otherwise i catch it in my hand, to avoid destroy something. Hope this would be fixed in next software update.

  9. Faisal

    Hello anyone I do know that Parrot wont reply so I said anyone but anyway, How do you charge the Bebop 2? Do you get a micro usb and put in in that thingy in the back of the drone?

  10. Martin Doran Photography

    Love my bebop drone , i wish i knew about the blades some with holes others with the cap as i put all the ones with holes on and the drone just flipped over , ah well since then ive been getting better and better , see my chanel for footage of ireland , have loads more planned , thanks , love this drone

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