PARROT BEBOP 2 (SKYCONTROLLER EDITION) 3 Mile FPV 30+ MPH Winds [Maui Coastal Journey]

An epic FPV journey with the bebop2. Get the Bebop2 here: Backpack:

FatShark Dominator V3 FPV Goggles:

Testing it’s ability to navigate valley’s, cliffs, waterfalls and caves via skycontroller FPV while being blasted by 30+ mph winds on the secret north shore coastline of Maui Hawaii. This is an ongoing series to my multi part review of the Bebop2 drone.

Review Part 1 with initial UnBox:

Part 2 With Flight Test Review:

Part 3 open ocean range test:

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39 Replies to “PARROT BEBOP 2 (SKYCONTROLLER EDITION) 3 Mile FPV 30+ MPH Winds [Maui Coastal Journey]”

  1. Trini_ Boi

    nice video but i won't take that chance flying that low cause below 10 meters if you lose connection and hit rth it would only climb to 10 meters and in this case it would crash unless parrot had sent out a update to fix this problem

  2. Nick Davis

    Wait a sec…tho this video says "3 mile fpv, the drone never hits that distance in terms of how far away it can fly from the controller. The furthest 'distance away' from the controller wasnt even 1 mile. He meant total distance flown, not flown away. Lol. Nice scenery captured tho bud!

  3. Double Oh 7

    You are a braver man than I… you took her to some really remote places, where recovery would’ve been impossible… kudos to you and the machine 👌💛 so glad I am getting one!

  4. Skorp †

    Awesome video Dustin – Hey mate, could you recommend a good easy to understand Tutorial on how to get your telemetry onto your video's please? Cheers!

  5. Sam Sen

    Wow. What a footage. Your other option to see something like this is to be a seagull ! I wish all the crazy drone hatters out there could watch this and similar footage to see the kind of view and vantage point that drone provides to enhance our life. Then to understand how stupid they ought to be. You are not only an excellent pilot but very brave. Loved all that I saw. Thanks again.

  6. Jérémy Mougey

    Great video dude. Just got a bebop 2 myself and Im impressed too with its video stability although it looks blurry sometimes. Is that flight information edited or do you see it while flying ? Im looking into getting some more information about realtime flight data but don't know what you are using ?

  7. Mich S

    Great vid again!
    keep up the great work, always enjoy your reviews.

    hey what's Parrot up to now, if you don't mind me asking…


  8. NatureLove

    Thanks for the great video Dustin. I have mavic and bebop but 90 % of the time I use bebop as it is more fun and durable and also does better at wind I think, also I get 1.8 miles with sc2 and video quality got much better with updates. what is your opinion about the bebop vs others?

  9. Gadget Inspector

    Hey Dustin, do you still have this little guy? If so, do you feel the firmware updates have improved the video quality? From what Ive seen, 3.3.0 worked some voodoo on that camera and it looks much better. Curious what you think.

  10. Aeronut41

    Great video! Visited Maui last year and you have captured the beauty! Do you do any after processing stabilization or is it all the Bebop 2's? Thanks Aero

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