PARROT BEBOP 2 Review (SKYCONTROLLER Edition + BACK PACK!) – Part 2 – [Flight & Crash Test!]

Enjoy my review for the Bebop2. Get the Bebop2 here: Goggles

Official backpack to fit Bebop drone plus the skycontroller:

Part 1 of Review:
Maui North Shore Journey:

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31 Replies to “PARROT BEBOP 2 Review (SKYCONTROLLER Edition + BACK PACK!) – Part 2 – [Flight & Crash Test!]”

  1. Bernard B

    Have you ever loss one or more of your propellers on your bebop 2 drone? I HAVE SEVERAL TIME! Usually on a hard landing. It is frustrating and shouldn't happen but it does. Well here is the product that is a solution to preventing that from happening again. These Bebop 2 Propeller Plugs are easy to install and works great. Just using your figures, mainly your tum, press Bebop 2 Propeller Plugs into the larger propeller holes. They lock the propellers in place and will not let them unlock. I haven't loss a propeller since installing the Bebop 2 Propeller Plugs. You can find them on ebay, just search for “bebop 2 propeller plug”.

  2. Ian Rice

    Hey bud I got my bebop 2 fpv pack Saturday night and it fell out of the sky out of no where. And I was only getting 600m range. When plugged in the tx to phone do you put It in airplane mode? Ill have a new one today from best buy so I need to know.

  3. matej k

    Just a tip…try to upgrade the skycontroler with sky boost 2.4 or better 5.8Ghz will be immpresed where's the limits of it…(from 2km original to 6km with it,without any signal problem)..try it,it is worth it 😉

  4. r s

    I'm sure the mavic and phantom are better and for the price difference they should be but i have been nothing but impressed with this bebop the more i see the more i like it. people wanna bash the camera of the bebop to me i am more than pleased with the camera on this drone. most people aren't making feature movies with these drones anyway i don't need 5k quality video i just need clear and stable and this drone does that and does it well. i used to think a drone had to have a gimbal to have any video possibilities whosoever but the bebop proved me wrong i never gave this one much thought since it didn't have one well you proved it doesn't need one because that's much better than alot of 3 axis ive seen and better than all the 2 axis ive seen. selling on amazon refurbished for 300 I'm getting myself this bad boy.

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