Parrot Bebop 2 Magic Dronies Point of Interest and Tap to Fly | Episode 8

Parrot Bebop 2 Magic Dronies Point of Interest and Tap to Fly | Episode 8. I’m showing you features you may or may not have known about like point of interest and tap to fly. Despite being on the market for a couple of years now, the Bebop 2 is still a solid drone. It is now in the “budget” category due to a price drop right before the recent release of the Parrot Anafi. This is part 8 of my review series on the Bebop 2 and after this I will have covered pretty much every aspect of this drone.

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I am an FAA Part 107 sUAS Certificate holder. While FUN is always the objective for me, I also believe in adherence to the rules set forth in order to fly safely and smartly.


31 Replies to “Parrot Bebop 2 Magic Dronies Point of Interest and Tap to Fly | Episode 8”

  1. Enrike Hernández

    friend, recently I bought a Bebop 2 and it goes very well in general, the only problem I have is that I can't take it up to 15 meters high because immediately it loses the signal and begins the return home, and that really doesn't Like, is there any solution to this problem? I appreciate it a lot.

  2. David Kempton

    GI, I wonder if you have tried Bebop PRO by Michele Vagnetti? I still haven't taken my BB2 out for a real flight (wind and rain are kickin' it,) but I like the look of this app. (Plus it has headless mode, which right now I really need until I get my FPV legs.

    And as an aside – a 'dead cat' will solve – or at least greatly help – your wind noise.

  3. Corry Bowers

    With so many drones tho chose from its absolutely amazing to have a series like this to get a FULL understanding of what the capabilities and limitations are. I don't believe there is a single reviewer out there who puts in the time and effort you have to educate us on any product. Sadly most seem to be just rushed through to get people to buy from their affiliate links, they fumble through a demonstration with no idea what the particular drone does aside from basic functions. You sir are a rare gem…..happy I came across your channel.
    PS you've saved me both money and disappointment and for that I am very grateful!!!!…..this thing will be perfect !!!!
    Continue the great work!!

  4. guevara643

    The videos have been a real help, Ive bought the Bebop 2 for filming MTB shots of the bikes in open sections, I will report back when I've done a bit filming. Some handy information for the filming, so cheers again!! G

  5. Reggie Hooks

    I'm hoping you can help me out, I am not able to get the follow me feature working. I get a message about a weak GPS signal but both are green. I'm using a OnePlus one cell with LineageOS 15.1 been looking all over to try to resolve this issue. Thank you!

  6. Reggie Hooks

    Great videos Bro! I've watch them all for the Bebop 2 and finally order one from Amazon for $249 today, should get it tomorrow with 1 day delivery. I wanted to get the DJI Spark but I'm Balling on a Budget! It will be my 3rd drone, started with the Holy stone Bolt bee to learn how to fly indoors and out, then got a great deal on the Drocon Bugs 3 loving it, put a FireFly micro cam 1080p in the nose of it and got my 1st drone footage, going to put an AIO fpv camera on it to do some fpv with my 4" 5.8 Ghz monitor. I figured out that I really don't want to race drones but would like to do videos like yours and step it up little by little and take the Part 107 test and maybe get into photography. Was looking at the yuneec breeze was only $150 but I saw a lot of bad reviews then the Bebop went on sales, I reviewed all 8 vids of yours then pulled the trigger. Keep up the good work and look for my videos soon. Thank you!

  7. Joe Marianna

    Heck yes. I believe the Parrot Bebop 2 and the new Hubsan Zino will be the best budget drones for people to purchase prior to stepping up to the next level of Drones. And I have used the hand launch 1 time.

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