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  1. Mr JL

    Cheap to repair, easy to repair.
    Cheap to procure.
    It is an amazing drone. It is a good as whiskey.
    The older the better it gets.
    I have Bebop, Bebop 2 and they are sturdy

    The new DJI Gen are nice but $$ , way too complicated , too small, no that many part and nearly impossible to repair.

    Current project. Integrate a Flir camera to my Bebop2 via SDK and Android programming.

  2. Uncle Dudley

    I'm hoping that people are still following this post. My BB2 got up about a foot before it lost power and came back down. It hasn't turned on since. My best guess is the mainboard. I've tried both of my batteries and it still won't power on. I've go the skill to replace the mainboard, just didn't want to order until I was sure that's what I was. Ideas?

  3. Dale Admire

    I could watch this all day, fascinating, I just bought a Bebop 2 because I heard they will no longer build them, and I got a ton of spare parts for it as well thank you for this.

  4. ron machus

    i was flying bebop 1 out of sight to a lake…i wanted to video it.. i had lost connect a couple times..got drone back checked video and where i lost connect it didn't record. how can I prevent this from happening? i have a wifi extender..can I use it to stop no connect?

  5. elave16

    Hi! the button in the back vbroke!! Do parrot have a replacement part for it ? including the flex?. Having to change all the electronics because of a button seems silly!!! Thanks!


    Hola tengo un problema con la batería o con la aplicación freeflight pro, lanzó el bebop 2 a volar y la batería seme consumer súper rápido lo aterrizó lo desconecto lo vuelvo a conectar y aún tiene media batería, solo quiero que hagáis un vídeo de como se actualiza la aplicación freeflight pro con el iPad Pro para ver si es un problema de aplicación o de batería por favor, gracias un saludo desde España

  7. wilsde00

    Hi Parrot folks! I own a Bebop 1, but I can tell these will help me if I need repairs. I'm and engineer and technical writer, and I have to tell you, I've seen a lot of tutorial videos, and made some myself, but these are top notch! You don't have super sophisticated cameras and lenses, but that's ok, you did great! Clear, simple, smooth, the pace is good, even kids should be able to follow, there is very little language barrier, and nice music. In particular, I like how you carefully show the cables crossing over and feeding through the frame ports. There is even a little struggle to fish them in – that's ok, you showed us where we will struggle, too! I did have one manufacturing engineering question: Why are ALL the screws T5, except the motor, which are PH0? It just would have been a nice touch to only need one tool. Awesome! Great job!

  8. Michalis Constantinou

    hallo my name is MIchael and ibought a bebop 2 with skycontroller black edition.when i connect my fatshark hd2 googles on hdmi port i have a lot of lack picture in my googles and i dont know why.please help me.Thank you.

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