21 Replies to “Parrot BEBOP 2 : How To Repair Camera”

  1. Javier Bueno

    Los tornillos son una porquería. Na hay manera de quitarlos porque se redondean con sólo mirarlos. Y eso que estoy utilizando el kit de herramientas original…
    Alguien me puede decir cómo lo hago?. Fatal Parrot, calidad regular y servicio pésimo.

  2. Jeanl

    Bonjour, quelle est l'utilité de la plaque métallique sous la partie de couleur saumon que vous enlevez à 1:30 ? Je l'ai endommagé et je cherche à connaitre son utilité… Merci

  3. webvan94

    In case you mess up one of the screws holding the camera's frame to the Bebop (don't ask!) you can get a second chance by removing the actual camera from its frame using a Torx 4 to unscrew the three small screws that hold it. It just comes off, no glue/solder as I feared at one point.

  4. paul donoghue

    why can't you get hold of a new glass lens to replace the origanal i smashed on my first flight, do i have to resort to buying a door spy hole that need grinding down ect to fix it?

  5. Keenan R

    so my bebop 2 hit a wall and the camera was dislocated from its original place. is this video the solution? also i can connect to the drone but the free flight (not the app) wont open

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