PARROT Bebop 2 – How to Download Files from your Drone without a laptop or wifi.

Parrot Bebop 2 Drone. In this review, I wanted to show that it is faster to download the video files from the drones with the help of a data cable directly to the phone ( in this case a android phone) than with the help of a laptop/pc or a wifi connection. Thank you and please subscribe. Fly safe.

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  1. Stephane f

    Do not buy Bebop drones they have issues with shutting off mid-flight not due to Pilot error or low battery it's not a matter of if it goes down it's a matter of when it will go down don't waste your money these are defective I'm an experienced flyer and I have had to go down and Destroy themselves you will crash them and it won't be due to your fault parrot does nothing about it they told me they can't be flown over water and they have problems flying over trees as the bottom sensor has a tough time the surface is what I was told from parrot if you know there's a problem why the f would they keep selling them and ripping off their consumers stay away from this product and do yourself a favor spend a few extra bucks and get well engineered product like DGI

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