38 Replies to “Parrot Bebop 2 FPV FALL OUT OF SKY = Bad battery GPS DRONE REVIEW”

  1. contactpq

    Man mine did that out over some tall thick tree … never did get it back … the battery and controller were showing good, I still had video feed from the drone, but it stopped responding to inputs from the controller and just came down in the trees

  2. Mike Comeau

    Sorry to see that Jay. I bought a balance lead from Mrkent.com. I charge my bb2 battery with a balance charger using his lead now and can more closely asses the health of the battery and determine better if its safe to fly with. I don't think the factory charger is a very good quality charger. So far (keeping fingers crossed) no problems and the bb2 has been one of the best drones I've owned. The lead is only $25.00 and good quality.

  3. True Drone Reviews

    Your lucky is was not 200 feet up. Both of the batteries on my bebop 1 died. when i take my bebop 2 off i watch that battery indicator for a minute to see if it starts dropping fast. Nice slow motion effect on the crash Jay.

  4. Todd Olathe Ks.

    Hey Mr. J-Drone….. i’m gonna go out on a limb here and make a guess there is to much French??? ? going on here because usually you do a recap not blaming not Hayton but the truth shall set you free because if that just happened To me I mean YouTube would have banned me for year !! & took my birthday away…..?????
    Thanks ?
    Sending virtual hugs!!!

  5. SuperSport1966

    I dealt with Parrot support on a new drone where the controller would not connect properly. They promptly replaced the whole thing with a new drone package. I had to send the original one back.

    In the future though, if you see red errors on the screen, do NOT fly. Try to figure out what is wrong before takeoff. There was a motor error on the screen before the second flight.

    I understand though, because it really is a fun drone to fly, and it’s tempting to push it even when you shouldn’t.

    I recommend a calibration before every flight (between batteries, or location changes) just to be sure.

    Also, if you have errors in the future, they can often be remedied by a hard reset.

  6. Eddie Davis

    Wow that hurt, I have a Bebop 2 and I've never had it just fall out of the sky. Mine is a refurb and I get about 16 to 18 minutes flight time. With a new battery you should get 20 to 25 minutes. Is yours new or refurbished? I got mine from Tech Rabbit and it had scratches and dinged props so I complained and they gave me $40 back. I think you definitely have a bad battery.

  7. Lee Maples

    again, with a battery checker you could see if your battery is ok or spent.if its good then figure out why its backing out of its compartment. easy fix would be to put a piece of tape over the end to keep it from coming out.ok, its a smart battery and it shows what its power is by the number of LEDs lighting up.tape it shut to the drone is all i can think of, or replace the batt if its bad

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