Parrot Bebop 2 Drone Firmware Update 4.3.1 — Camera Settings Overview

Parrot Bebop 2 drone update 4.3.1 Camera Settings Overview. There’s a lot of great options introduced in this latest upgrade and I will be covering this in future videos. First we need the latest firmware to the bebop and the skycontroller in this video I am using the bebop 2 drone and the skycontroller black edition. Although this will work the same for the Skycontroller 2.

As I stated earlier there has been some changes to the screen in this new update. To get into the custom camera settings tap the settings icon in the top center portion of the screen. This will change the screen to the adjustment options for the camera.

Starting from the bottom left we have our aperture indicator of 2.3 and frame rate of 30 fps. On the bottom right we have the storage capacity available which at this point is the max at 7.0 Gigs. In the center we have our adjustable EV slider which can be moved by pressing and sliding to the desired Exposure Value however changes only show once you release the press of your finger. It does not allow for a preview as you slide and hover, but hopefully this can be fixed in a future update.

Moving to the upper left of the screen now we have the back icon to exit the bebops camera view and enter back into the FreeFlight Pro app menu area. To the right of it is the settings button when pressed will go to the drones general settings screen. This is where you can adjust things like performance and network and controller settings.

The next icon is only present while you are in picture mode, the dng/ jpg toggle button is selectable and a drop down is presented for you to choose what photo type you would like to shoot in. your options are dng, jpg, or jpg 180 degree option. The dng setting automatically takes the full 180 degree photo but gives you a lot more room to play with in a photo editor of your choosing. For reference this is what the 180 photo looks like.
You can start or continue to record video while you’re in the Picture profile by selecting the record button on the controller and the red record will be visible on the screen.

Continuing on in the center here we have the picture and video toggle which slides to your desired option. Right next to it is your record timer and camera picture settings. This will show whether you are shooting in dng or jpg. And to the right of that we have the camera/ drone screen toggle which changes the icon for photo mode or flight mode.

To rap it up on the top right we have the option to change the Hz between 50 or 60 or leave it to auto. Like the DNG JPG drop down on the opposite side you select the icon to have a drop down menu present itself. Next is the white balance icon. Select it to get a drop down to select the appropriate white balance for your environment. You can choose from Auto White balance, Tungsten Bulb, Daylight, Cloudy, or White Fluorescent. Last but not least in the upper far right corner you have your camera or record button where you can snap photos or start filming with the press of these buttons. This icon works in conjunction with the camera toggle in the center and the icons will match the selection.

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5 Replies to “Parrot Bebop 2 Drone Firmware Update 4.3.1 — Camera Settings Overview”

  1. Bernard B

    Have you ever loss one or more of your propellers on your bebop 2 drone? I HAVE SEVERAL TIME! Usually on a hard landing. It is frustrating and shouldn't happen but it does. Well here is the product that is a solution to preventing that from happening again. These Bebop 2 Propeller Plugs are easy to install and works great. Just using your figures, mainly your tum, press Bebop 2 Propeller Plugs into the larger propeller holes. They lock the propellers in place and will not let them unlock. I haven't loss a propeller since installing the Bebop 2 Propeller Plugs. You can find them on ebay, just search for “bebop 2 propeller plug”.

  2. Mark Trevor

    Just subbed.. I'm a new owner of the bebop 2 with skycontroller 2. I haven't flown yet due to not getting GPS lock on the drone. The controller is super quick and I've run the battery completely dead on the bebop waiting for it to find GPS to no avail!!!!! Your advice would be much appreciated to fault find my problem. A frustrated Aussie…….

  3. Jeff Merheb

    Hi! As you owned both Bebop 2 and Spark, which one do you recommend for someone who doesn't want to invest in an additional RC? So it will be with a Samsung S8 and a portable wifi extender (if they works) , taking in consideration also video quality

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