Parrot Bebop 2 Drone Battery with iMax B 6 SKYrc charger

Parrot Bebop 2 Drone Battery with iMax B 6 SKYrc charger
Para adquirir a ficha: Email ou facebook, envio de Portugal, Rogerio Ferreira
For acquire the plug: Email or facebook, shipping from Portugal, Rogerio Ferreira
Muito obrigado ao Rogério Ferreira por disponibilizar a ficha de ligação.
Many thanks to Rogerio Ferreira for making the connection available.

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    Como faz esse chicote para carregar e balancear o drone se tiver o desenho de como montar o chicote, por favor me enviar no meu email: para eu estar fazendo um aqui, pois a bateria do meu parrot bebop 2 não esta carregando e a luz do drone fica piscando e não aparece o sinal de wi-fi para eu link com o controle e smartphone: Grato Alexandro Liberato

  2. Jonas Seabra

    Olá Sr Hélder, obrigado pelos seus vídeos. São muito importantes para mim e para a comunidade Bebop . Pode me passar um contato do Sr Rogério, necessito desse cabo para ligar a um balance charger. Já enviei e-mail mas não obtive resposta. Obrigado. Melhores cumprimentos

  3. Tapps47

    Aftermarket batteries like the GIFI are not a stock PARROT battery. To prove this, you need to take the battery apart. Once you do, look at the circuit board attached to the connector. If you see no chips just a blank circuit board with soldered wires to the cells. This battery does NOT have a balance charger built into it. Using the stock charger that is NOT a balance charger ruins these aftermarket batteries after awhile. There have been reports of these batteries just cutting out mid flight or die quickly while flying.These companies saved money by not putting balance charging circuits in their batteries (hence why some are so cheap).

    The actual Parrot batteries from their website or from online sellers (Parrot distributors) have the balance circuit in the battery. You do not need to purchase a balance charger for the stock batteries (use the stock charger with these) and they will last a good while.
    You shouldn't run the stock batteries below 15 to 20% of max charge. Using a balance charger on stock Parrot batteries maybe burning up (over time) the balance circuit built into those batteries. Which will eventually cause a battery fail.

    Like all batteries even the stock ones do die. If you have batteries that seem to run down quickly or dont go to full charge, take them apart and compare the cells to a known new or good battery. If the cells are thicker (swelling) than the good battery's cells replace the battery very soon (be sure batteries are rated for the same "mAh" when comparing). Otherwise this comparison will not be accurate.
    *On another note you can get 3100mAh and 4000mAh batteries for the parrot Bebop 2's. The latter is made by Parrot…*

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