Parrot Bebop 2/1 Best Range Mod Ever 2018 complete Wi-Fi repeater setup guide

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First long range Wi-Fi repeater flight to show you guys the capabilities of this setup

Here is the link for the Wi-Fi repeater

here is the link to purchase the antennas separately if you would really like to go for long range

46 Replies to “Parrot Bebop 2/1 Best Range Mod Ever 2018 complete Wi-Fi repeater setup guide”

  1. Drone Worship

    Please remember guys there are LOS laws that are in place just because I've designed something that can go out and number of miles does not mean it's legal to do it but it does guarantee you an extremely strong signal the whole flight. I know a lot of you would like me to take this thing out to its full potential but unfortunately I would get in trouble someone would turn the video in and I would get in big trouble and honestly I like this hobby a lot I don't want to get the high be taken away from everyone because I wanted to perform a long-range flight tests to see exactly what it could get.

  2. Dave F

    Is this for using the phone only, or can it be used with the sky controller? And/ or can you use that set for using the phone for the fpv viewing, and the sky controller to control the drone? I'm getting a Bebop 2 soon. Put it on layaway at a pawn shop. And it'll be my 1st "real" drone, other than cheaper "toy" drones. So I'm trying to learn as much as I can before I get it. So, hopfuly it won't haul ass somewhere, cause I didn't do something rite. And I'd like to boost the signals, just for piece of mind, and hopefully not loose it.

  3. Ciprian Circa

    Hello ,what if I want to use my skycontroller 2 AND my wifi extender? I struggle to connect drone+netgear wifi extender+phone+ skycontroller 2.I managed to connect all without the SC2.But Im confused about how will it work adding the controller,and the order I should power on and if no longer need the cable between the phone and the SC2…

  4. terryjamesonsenior

    hi and really keen to buy one of these suckas you have a link for this model as i have a bebop and and the sky controller nightmare and have been really wanting tio use my sky controller 2 and googles thanks

  5. Jet Martin

    Dan, Hope your recovery is going well. Saw this repeater and thought it might be substitute for the repeater you used for your Range test. What do you think? Can't tell if it has an SMA connection for the antenna though.

  6. Johnson i Bass

    Hello. @Drone Worship And his Dinghy. I see you using the sky controler black. is there a binding process? To switch from Controler to controler. Good information thanks for your time and help.

  7. R P

    I bought a usb network adapter with the alfa paddles but I guess the adapter is the wrong hardware? When connected to a pc it detects the bebop 2 signal but when I connect to a power bank it’s like the adapter won’t turn on. It looked similar to the red discontinued hardware that you have there so any advice would be appreciated

  8. abenwinUT Wee

    Thanks for making this video. I get how the cell phone/tablet is connected to the Repeater which is connected to the Bebop 2. But how is the Bebop 2 Sky Pad connected to the cell phone/tablet? Did i miss that part? Thanks again….

  9. Royal King

    Bro how does someone set up the two antennas you were showing! They look badass! I have the Mii wifi repeater and I still lose connection…. It's ok but doesn't send my drones really far.

  10. GDAD TV

    I just got my bebop 2 and sky controller 2 and I don’t like flying with my phone I really like having the controller does anybody know if this will work with the sky controller 2 or will it not work

  11. Dragon Slayer

    Hello and thank you for your uploads ! I was wondering if you could help me with something….I have a bebop 2 and a Hubsan which comes with a wifi extender. This is supposed to be proprietary but I have managed to use the Hubsan app and connect to the bebop instead . The extender is the h500t model and it is an open wifi. All I had to do was rename the parrot’s wifi name by adding HUBSAN_ in front and it recognizes it. So I figured I could then connect to it with my phone – and I can do that as well. But when I try to use the bebop pro app, it goes into cockpit but you can’t see any picture. The Hubsan X app in the meantime is running in the background. I have also been able to find the IP address of the Hubsan extender but there is no web administration page. Further tinkering reveals that port 23 is open on the extender for telnet. Do you know if it is possible to change settings in the extender via telnet? Thanks in advance for any input you may have

  12. Miller Ingram

    Most overseas marketers are developing drones with the 5G wifi preference. Why? I find it to be pushing most people to upgrading cell phones with that capability. And what about a 5G repeater for mobile use? Can you shine some light on this subject?.

  13. glenesis

    Hey Dan. I just tried this setup on my Hubsan 507a, which is fly-by-phone, and it works perfectly. I'll take it out in the cold to test some distance – if the wind here ever, ever dies down…brr..thanks again for sharing this extender & the Alfa antennas.

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