15 Replies to “Parrot Bebop 1 Skycontroller 2 setup FLIGHT app camera REVIEW”

  1. Ken Lopossa

    Nice Jay..doing that soon, as my Sc1 even tho it has gps is not getting good loiter lock. Really only had to plug it in and reconnect B b1.. Definate imptrovement over the Sc1. Solid lock. Seems the Sc1 lock is conflicting w the bird. YeA, good test. Very stable now. Not as stable as Bb2 but real close.

  2. Eddie Davis

    Looks good, I got 1.8 miles with my Sky controller 2 and bebop 2 in the country. I only get about 500 meters around my house with all the wifi interference. I'm to chicken to do a range test with my bebop 1 because the batteries drain so darn fast.

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