19 Replies to “Parrot Bebop 1 MILE RANGE battery MOD 13 min GPS Drone REVIEW”

  1. Edmundo Gutierrez

    Nice video, I bought this drone this year 2019 with skycontroller 2 and 2 A/M batteries for 175.00 dollars in Ebay. I thought I went 2 miles with 10 minutes battery life. I posted couple videos. It is an amazing drone in my opinion. Of course air didn't try DJIs, but for what I do I don't need an expensive one. I will think about this battery. Thanks for this review.

  2. Linda Schodowsky

    Hello jay drone, I went and ordered the battery . I connected it to the drone but it would not launch. It said on the app screen that the battery was only 4 percent power.I put a meter on the battery and it said it was a full battery . Can your someone tell me what I may have done wrong ? Thanks PS I soldered on new micro tamiya connectors.

  3. Yabble508

    Battery should get 15min flight time. Bb1 uses 10C continuous discharge for stock battery you’re using 20C continuous discharge. If it were a 10C discharge I’m sure you will get a couple of more minutes. Nice video and bb1 is a great drone for the buck.

  4. Todd Olathe Ks.

    Thanks ? awesome video as always!,, U should check out if u haven’t already Dustin Dunill , 4g-lite mod he lives in Hawaii and he flies his disco from one Island to the other and back .. 25 miles some kind a world record? I don’t know if the Record ,is official yet or if it meant the parameters I guess I should say!!?……
    Thanks ? keep doing u$$&$$$&$$$#+=$$

  5. Scang

    Hey, you said that you were able to get up to 400m without any extenders/skycontrollers. Just wandering what device you are using and if you have any tips on extending range as without a extender I can only reach up to 60m (with android smartphone).

  6. Lee Maples

    glad you mentioned the dangers of bending your props back into place after just crashing it. your parrot losing a wing in flight, and the fortunate recovery, shows why, if you have to bend yourprop back into place, that blade will pop off at some point. why risk it. replace those bent bugs propssoon as you can.

  7. glenesis

    B1 Lives! Yes. It rains because we are recording. The connection on the B1 is called "Tamiya," very common connector. Hobby King sells Tamiya to XT60 adapters for like 4 bucks. Congrats on the 1-mile milestone! Gorgeous flight bro. I like all that rain falling in the distance. You caught nice detail for a screen cap. I agree on all points you make about the Bebop. It's engineered very well, and I love the camera that has no moving parts to maintain. Great flying & info as always, Jay! Happy landings everyone!

  8. PD Tech

    Nice test and an interesting battery mod! I only get around 7.5 – 8 mins flight time out of my stock 1200mah batteries, which limits the sort of range you can fly and return safely. I'll have to see if I can get one for mine? You're right the bebop is very underated and often overlooked for much more expensive quads, the bebop offers maximum bang for your buck!

  9. Joe Shmo

    I think both the Bebop 2 and maybe also the Bebop 1 have the ability to be modified to run over the 4g lte network. If I ever got geeky enough to do that it would be nice to have that option.

  10. Jones Drones

    Sweet mod and nice flight! That thing can get out there, seemed like it had plenty more range if it can keep line of sight but that treeline of the abyss probably gets to be an issue. I live in Florida where its nice and flat, If you can get up higher than the trees you can get amazing range.

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