Parrot Bebop 1 BEST GPS DRONE UNDER $100 Brushless Camera Drone Review

STILL #1 in the gps camera bid rankings for price $149 on amazon cn find on fb marketplace used – Skycontroller 2 Flypad RC a great cheaper alternative Cheap Iphone Support this channel $1 $20 anything works

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  1. Prem Oxford

    From the fake batteries i recomend the morepilot ones if you can still get them. I had 2 bb1s and managed to destroy both of them years ago . but i still had the bb1 skycontroller many batteries even the iriginal parrot backpack so recentlly i got one from ebay for 100 no battery but good condition. And im super happy 🙂

  2. Björn Bergerheim

    How long flight time can I get if I buy the largest batteries that a Bebob can carry? Which batteries should I buy and where can I find them? Can I fly it with a Huawei P20 Pro Mobile? How far can I get with my mobile? I have a TP link wifi extender, which I have used for my DJI Tello, can I use it and get long distance flight?

  3. DroneDays gr

    What a great Drone this is, great flying and beautiful footage captured.
    Parrot Drones are amazing!!!
    I have from Parrot the Bebop 1 and about a month ago i got myself the Anafi.
    Greetings from DroneDays gr…
    Thank you and stay connected my friend.

  4. Kevin Doble

    Truth be told you led me straight to this one bro. I just got a actual brand new red one in the box with everything except batteries pulled from it for $60! Coarse I ordered the refurbished controller from Amazon for $30 and then 2 2500mAh Bebop batteries for$30 each. Even grabbed a wifi range booster just because why not, all in not counting the range extender $150, and I definitely still believe that's a bargain for what you are getting! Thanks for another one ✌️.

  5. ping pang

    just bought one today for $65 refurbished with 2 batteries and the charger on fleabay. wanted to buy the dji tello, but is still at $100 after being released 3 years ago. excited to see how this thing flies in person

  6. Nathan Hutsky

    Such an underrated drone. These are so much better than all the other drones listed on amazon for $100-300 range. Hell a DJI tello is same price for this $70-100 and this smokes it

  7. heli 46

    Jay drone this is Aubrey in Florida send me some way to send you a picture and I'll show you how to build a balancer for your old Bebop 1 batteries it's simple you use your old charger and I can show you how to do it and then you can charge them on hobby charger until you get tired all right man great flying have a great day also built one for the (holy Stone 510) an (C fly dream you would need a charger that can do high voltage battery)( the Bebop 2) The Breeze and many more will let me know
    If you would like to plans

  8. Iasciate Ogni Speranza

    Very stable, great camera, excellent app, GPS
    And it is easy to modify the software.

    Battery can be modded too.
    I own both models and love them.
    Sorry but mini-drones are imposible to see, this one? You cant miss it!

    The Bebop2 was selling for 150.00 a few weeks ago on Ebay. Refurbished.( like new)
    A bargain.

  9. Tony Knight

    Hey Jay Drone, could i possibly pay you to take a video of my house in Mahanoy City? Unfortunately I'm in Massachusetts and have to work until the end of the year. If you could get back to me with an email or # that'd be great, thank you.

  10. Shane Barber.

    Agreed my friend Jay. The original bebop drone is still a great quality drone for under a $100.00 👍👍✈✈👀
    I should had bought one when I had a Chance back then.
    Have a safe and wonderful, blessed week coming up bro and God bless you always sir and your family.🙏👍👋
    Lol I was out awhile ago flying my mavic mini drone. Blessings

  11. Doug Troyer

    So weird because I've been thinking about mine alot lately. Besides the Hubsan 501ss it's probably the only GPS drone I have left. I have multiple batteries and I need to take mine out very soon. As a matter of fact ever since I got the SC 2 I don't think I've taken it out. I got into micro fpv and just don't think about this much but after this video I think it's time to fly it.

  12. Robert Redzich

    Looks like this could be a great starter GPS drone. Low cost, decent range, decent camera and stable. Easy data transfer and I think it looks cool. Nice vid Jay 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  13. scottykardos

    damn that is a really nice drone…don't know why they weren't more kinda droned out but watching your vid I'm gonna have to add this one to my huge inspired again by your video thanks Jay. awesome thanks again. really ugly here in California with all the fires can't go outside just yet. love

  14. Drone Ready

    Still go my silver stick Skycontroller 2,charger,batteries and back pack but the Bebop2 simply fell out if the sky and even using maps from its last known location…I cannot find it.
    Worth getting another one or a Bebop1.

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