Parrot AR Drone RC mod Spektrum DX6i radio transmitter

New video – 2015-11-18

**NOTE (2011-12-21), this mod has been superseded by the miru mod now. See my newer video. It’s a new mod that doesn’t use WiFi anymore. You can use your own RC transmitter but doesn’t require wifi. The arduino plugs directly into the drone’s USB socket. I reused the Yellow Jacket and flashed it with mirumod 0006. You don’t need a BEC anymore and you don’t have to edit the drone’s system files. It’s more simplified.

Old mod:

Following the guide from MHeeLi at

More pics here:

This mod will let you use a regular 2.4ghz transmitter with the Ar. Drone instead of the iPhone. It’s much more easy to fly. You can still use the iPhone or have video down-link if you choose to.

You’ll need:
Async Labs Arduino Yello Jacket
FTDI programming board
receiver & transmitter

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