38 Replies to “Parrot AR Drone: Demo”

  1. homeworkmn

    I got this drone 2.0 and I can't seem to find anybody to help me connect it to my ipad. I cat fly it, everybody post parrot drones and no one can help me or should i say reported to my help. Can you help me? My iPad seaching for IP but can connect.

  2. Gobble Turkey

    Waste of money. If you found the time to watch this video you should have enough time to learn to build one yourself for half the price and twice better quality. You need wifi to control it??! Futile. This will fly away from you. If you like to putt around indoors in the living room and have zero build experience and are new to RC then this will be okay. But, trust me you will eventually realize they made a killing off ya

  3. GeorgeBonez

    Drone my ass! If you think this thing is really as advanced as it looks then go buy one and try to fly it ok! Its a freakin TOY that flies like ASS (INDOORS) and theirs a reason that they put the life-like City Map on the floor and that reason is so that your Gov can scare you into supporting laws against FPV Models. This was well thought out and FPV is now under assault! This fucking thing couldn’t lift a freakin thimble much less pose a threat but yet they call it a DRONE! Fucking IDIOTS!

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