Parrot AR Drone 2.0 – Repair Part 3 of 4 – Removing Motors & Reinstalling Motors

Topic = Parrot AR Drone 2.0 – Replacement of the Central Cross PF070036
This is a detailed video where I first remove and then replace a broken Central Cross.
It takes circa 120+ minutes all in (to the point you can fly again). I explain what tools and parts you need and then talk through step-by-step how to perform the removal and then the new part instal. Part 3 of 4.

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

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  1. Stuart Martin

    My drone has problem. It fell from the sky so I repaired it but now it won't start up. On the bottom I get a green light and orange light and a red light consecutively and all four propellers are red as well

  2. TeaCupGamerZ Akabosses

    hey i need some help the black thingy in the motor which is shaped like a battery is loose for me and is holded on by a couple of wires and the shaft of the pinion gear is attached to it my drone crashed and the black battery thingy went loose pulling in the pinion gear's shaft and i lost the pinion gear but i gotta new one is there anyway i can pop the black battery thingy back in place

  3. logans run

    hi…im getting motor emergency and theres no software on motor one in the app what motor is motor one…im lost…ive bought new cross piece and new motor and cant get last prop to turn on warm up.thx ar drone 2.0.dont no how to sort up grade motor one to show version.

  4. user314159265358979A

    thanks a lot! i replaced my main gear after it got lost in a crash, my motor unit got loose, i simply put it back but thanks to your video i realized the metal ring attaching the screws of the motor to the cross was loose on my motor. i was allmost ready to order a new motor, this vid saved my wallet :'D

  5. Chris Walker

    Thanks Tom. You're a lifesaver. I just successfully replaced the cross in my AR Drone 2.0 ( I broke it the very first time I flew it ). Without your excellent videos I would have been doing it blind. The video provided by Parrot was useless (a 1 minute music video with no real information at all!). It makes me wonder why they (and other companies) don't do extensive videos like yours themselves!

  6. Gregory Renier

    What are the symptoms of a deffective or broken motor ? I have my drone drifting and doing 360° when trying to go on a straight line, can't tell if it's the motor or the navigation board. Thanks

  7. Tom Strong Reviews

    The "PIC watchdog" message means the Navigation board is not communicating with part of the main board correctly. These two are connected by a thin white ribbon cable with two blue 8 pin connectors.
    You will need to either try to return it back to Parrot under warranty if you have not had any 'hard' crashes or repair this yourself. (First try to just remove and then reconnect all the connectors..)

  8. Tom Strong Reviews

    I am a terrible pilot! I used to crash all the time… I had to buy the 60Beat controller to get better control (really helps)
    I have found however that my AR Drone always repairs ok & works once I have fixed all the damaged I caused.

  9. Tom Strong Reviews

    I have read similar comments on the official Parott forums. They seem to have many lessons to learn in the are of customer service.
    Then you have little to loose. Open it up. Reconnect all the connections. Reset it and then try to fly again.
    I wish you luck!

  10. Tom Strong Reviews

    That sounds bad. If your AR Drone 2.0 is brand new – send it back to Parrot.
    If these symptoms are following a repair – I suggest opening it back up & double checking all of the cables are back in place perfectly aligned.

  11. Alejan

    sorry for bothering you. I wis there would been a place to upload photo so that I can send it to you. But anyway it may be between the card and the cords I guess because it cannot be seen without demounting the motor. Thanks you very much for your interest and help… Respect…

  12. Alejan

    Thanks for ur quick reply first.
    When I've removed one motor, a little silicone about half inches or shorter came out. But I couldn't understand from where it broke off.
    It make be sticked to to a wall of a motor because there is nothing between motors card and the edge. If you remove a brand new drone 2 motor it is gonna break off too I guess.
    Anyway I've screwed all screws and now there is no shake. But silicone should be mounted on purpose. It looks like a cut nail 🙂

  13. Tom Strong Reviews

    What Silicone part? Please describe what item you are talking about and the exact MM:SS so I can see where you need help.
    All I recommend is that you screw the 3 x top motor screws and the 3 x circuit board screws tightly to each arm as I show.

  14. Alejan

    what about the silicone part which avoids motor shake. I've replaced the motor but now it shakes. Because there was a silicone part got off when I've removed the motor. PLEASE REPLY AND HELP

  15. Tom Strong Reviews

    When you say does not lift of the ground – Do you mean to say that the motors spin the propellers but the AR Drone does not take off ?
    If so – Check you have the correct Props on the correct legs. (Watch my other videos that show exactly what you need to do. This is only Part 1)

  16. Alex Pattison

    I had pic watchdog emergency so i replaced the nav board and the sensors, now the error message has gone and it starts up. it doesn't lift off the ground, i did upgrade the bearings as-well. I have heard people say that this could of been a result of bending the cross frame by accident. got any ideas? thanks

  17. Kirk Feathers

    Great Videos Tom… used them twice. First after a water landing killed my mainboard… then again after the back magnet of the hull was lost and caused a crash from 20 feet when the hull came off during a flip. Down she went, broken cross. I stuck a small but powerful magnet to the side of my screw-driver… makes dealing with those tiny screws easier..

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