Parrot Anafi vs DJI Mavic Air – What's the Best Compact Drone?

Here is our comparison between the Parrot Anafi vs the DJI Mavic Air.

More info on the Parrot Anafi:

More info on the Mavic Air:

More info on the Parrot Anafi(UK):

More info on the Mavic Air(UK):

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24 Replies to “Parrot Anafi vs DJI Mavic Air – What's the Best Compact Drone?”

  1. Fábio Pereira

    I had this doubt. And just went with the Mavic air because of parts availability. I can even buy a complete gimbal and pair it with the mainboard at home. The anafi is a pain in the butt to even get some gimbal parts.

  2. Mike hawk. Say it fast Felix

    I think the mavic air is better Anafi has no sensors sensors the Mavic air has sensors on the front and and after track is way better the app has more modes and it’s way more portable and is way more sturdy unlike the parrot and I see it is completely made out of plastic in the lava care is made out of a hard plastic so that’s why the navigator has a better advantage

  3. Liu Leven

    I choose the ANAFI too.. Mainly because it has zoom (whitch is fun) and low noise and a bit more financially friendly
    .. Still think Mavie Air is a great drone, just dont like the NFZ, feels like a bad example…

  4. Milton Smith

    I own Mavic Pro, Autel EVO & Anafi. Anafi is hands down my favorite!! What sets Anafi apart from the others is gimbal tilt, sound, size / weight, better Flight Planner, less annoying messages and like the EVO, no NFZs. As far as obstacle avoidance is concerned, I turned it off on my Mavic Pro. I don't need it. I have flown the Anafi approximately 100 hours with the same original props and no crashes. I replaced the small 16GB SD with a 64GB. Great bird!

  5. Reconnaissance Squadron

    The Anafi is a great drone. The low noise and ability to hand launch mean it is much easier to fly at short notice. The small translucent props look a lot less intimidating and there are prop guards available which can be put on and off very quickly. These make the Anafi a much more socially acceptable drone. The Mavic Air (Phat Spark) in comparison is a flying chainsaw.

  6. Mike Comeau

    Good comparison MW! For me, the nfz on my mp has pretty much rendered it useless. To bad. Love the Anafi for its quality camera, flight time and quiet flight. I am very concerned about anafi's inability to monitor battery cell health. I fear it has no means of protecting itself (like preventing a takeoff) and I have no way of knowing when/if the battery is going bad producing an in flight failure. I hope Parrot can do something about that!

  7. Paul Emus

    My Anafi is so quiet that I could use it at a party and a playground with other parents around, and nobody hardly notices it. Also I can fly it at my house and the neighborhood park where I just want to go to tree-top levels, and DJI bricked my Phantom here with its No-Fly Zones. Also I like to get a crowd shot at events where DJI NFZ's won't permit. So the Air is almost useless for me. I don't need the obstacle avoidance and have never crashed it, except for one time on return to home, it would not turn off when landed. I use my Phantom 4 Pro for longer range or more professional shots.

  8. Milton Smith

    The Anafi is a great drone. Easy to get in the air, minimal warnings, Flight Plan is awesome! Parrot has been very responsive to customer feedback. They lowered the price and improved / added features.

  9. Kohn Kyriakou

    the obstacle avoidance system and active track are some serious technological advances and more than compensate for the extra couple of hundred. Also try flying the parrot in any of the shoot modes and watch it smash into any obstical about. The better drone is clearly the one you can fly tomorrow because you didnt smash it

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