Parrot ANAFI vs DJI Mavic Air!! (4K)

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This is an extensive in-depth comparison of the Parrot ANAFI 4K HDR drone, versus the DJI Mavic Air. They have a lot of similarities and even their price point is semi-close, however each drone has some unique features on its own.

In this video, I cover a lot; size, weight, and portability. Battery life and recharging. Top speed with radar gun tests. Distance, range, connectivity, OcuSync, “enhanced WiFi”, and FPV. Lastly, camera comparisons side-by-side tests! Each shoots in 4K 30fps, though there’s a lot of differences here as well. The Anafi has a 21 MP, 23mm, f/2.4, Mavic Air has 12 MP, 24mm, f/2.8.

Both can shoot RAW DNG photo files, hit me up on Patreon to download those high-res files if you’d like! The Mavic Air has a 3-axis mechanical gimbal, the Anafi only has 2-axis, with EIS on the 3rd Yaw axis.

Mavic Air has object avoidance sensors, the Anafi sadly does not. Both quads have a lot of smart features built-in, like RTH (return to home), subject tracking, and other fun camera modes.

Which drone do you think is best, and why?!

Thanks so much for watching! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments!

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28 Replies to “Parrot ANAFI vs DJI Mavic Air!! (4K)”

  1. Barry Graham

    I've used both but like the anafi because it has no nfz nonsense responds to me all the time never had any video loss happy with video there is some quality differences and some video looks better on the air but have had trouble connecting my tablet to the air with android and apple units never with anafi. Haven't really done any distance test but sure under idea conditions they both are great. I stick to the Anafi a reliable work everytime fly anywhere drone regardless the nfz but I still fly safely as a point of respect and safety to others

  2. Thomas Warshaw

    This was a great side by side comparison. I also dug your initial review of the ANAFI. I'm not sure I would purchase an ANAFI yet, but I really like where Parrot is going with it. Particularly with the camera (I'm more of a stills than video guy), I think the DJI cameras in general have a better overall dynamic range. I hope that with reviews like yours and from others, manufacturers will take note and begin to make these changes. Competition is definitely great for us, the consumers. Plus, even as a DJI flyer myself (Mavic 2 Pro), while I love their products, I'm not a fan of their pre-programmed no-fly zones. Particularly after spending the money for 107 certification, I'm not a fan of a third party company telling me where I can and cannot fly. The only counterpoint I'd like to make is that while I can understand your hangup on having to make in-app purchases for some of the features with the ANAFI, from watching another ANAFI review video, I think most of them were 99 cents. Even with that, the overall price point still comes out less than the Mavic Air. All in all a great comparison though and I look forward to your next video. Cheers!

  3. Jakob

    You certainly like your exposure if your 100% down with 5:49 (look at the water all the details is almost gone) same at 8:04
    and it is annoying that you keep letting key-information out when your highlighting aspects… in all your Anafi videos you say that you can purchase some wicked features in the app, but any sense of the actual price these features cost, you don't mention ´.. why.!
    you don't lose anything by informing this and I don't think Parrot will be mad at you by informing such things, otherwise, grow a backbone so the viewer is able to put things into perspective.

  4. Mikey C

    Even though the ANAFI seems to have exposed better (brighter), I don't like the way it renders the color of grass: the grass in most of your videos looked pasty, almost like melted wax. As a result, it lost a lot of detail in the green grassy areas.

  5. Tiger P

    If you built a drone with both features from both drones; how much would the estimated cost be in your opinion?
    It feels like every manufacturer needs a little of each other’s drone features to be the ultimate best.

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