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  1. k8192

    Q. Who would fly their drone right next to HV power lines ? … A. Someone who should not own a drone. I suggest you purchase some rubber doggie toys from the pet shop and play with those. Jeez !

  2. Jet Martin

    What was that GIANT TOWER in the back ground towards the end of the flight…A cell tower? Microwave tower? Maybe that had something to do with it? And what was it about the graph that was so concerning to you? Battery level looked normal. Altitude looked normal. The speed varied quite a bit but the Anafi did start and stop a bit (e.g., on RTH), etc. Can you elaborate? Were you using any third party filters. I looked like the gimbal had the hick-ups for a second.

  3. Got_nuffin_on_me

    The snaking path the ANAFI took back is quite concerning. Did you ensure both ANAFI plus your Controller had a strong/Green GPS status, before taking off? You should fly at a different site somewhere far from there, to see if same symptom occurs? Is both ANAFI and Controller up-to-date on firmware updates? Also have you gone through the Drone and Controller calibration in FF6 (where you rotate them on different axis)?

  4. Mike Fruge

    Lost video signal yesterday at a much closer range. I still had control of the drone so I brought it back in. After landing I looked around for possible interference sources. The was a transmission tower less than 100 yards away. BOING!!! How did I miss it? This was in town so it did not stand out among the buildings.
    Question: Did you calibrate your drone at this location before flying?

  5. Aaron Maez

    I kid you not my Mavic Pro 1 did the same EXACT thing when I flew over power lines once too. I had to land and re calibrate everything and re install the firmware (down and upgrade). Finally it got fixed by doing all of those things. It will do this to any drone. When I flew over an active volcano it did this too (similar to the power lines). Has something to do with magnetics.

  6. Danijel Mirjanić

    High voltage lines happend to drone. BTW high voltage lines can make big electro magnetic field and do that drone go crazy. I know from expirience. Do not fly at least 300ft or 100m close to power lines or cell towers. Good luck

  7. Tend Wong

    Could be temporary loss of GPS signal in which case the drone cannot hold a fixed position and will drift with the wind. Maybe use your flight data and see the number of satellites at the precise moment this issue took place?

  8. Keith Washington

    this has happen to many people, the last 2 fw upadtes, it has happened to me also maybe 4 times , but last week i was up 400 feet , and it didnt recover , and crashed. This is very serious , as i and many other have learned , but beware its a chance that it could land your drone , i hope not cause i dont want any one else to go through what i and many others who have crashed after these last 2 updates have felt , good luck.

  9. rizzel7

    I've had similar issues since the last update. My drone has been falling 1-3 ft while decending and while coming to a hard stop. It has always regained control, but it didn't do this before.

  10. knoxieman

    Combination of high winds, local high voltage power cables could possibly be at play here also solar flux plays a big part as well and you cant rule out simple hardware or software glitches, what also doesnt help in the first place is the fact that the Anafi is crippled by EU regs on the wifi power, this is why it dropped out at such short range, good old EU eh.

    Another tip if you are a newb, dont fly over water until you are fully confident and have hours of flying under your belt, especially as its windy and near high voltage power lines, those things can give your GPS, compass and wifi receiver things to think about, fly safe, great drone though.

  11. Reconnaissance Squadron

    A little scary, but not that out of character for an Anafi, I see little glitches like that quite often. I suggest selecting Sport mode and manually bringing the drone home if it gets severely twitchy. You'll know when you are ready to go over water again. Sometimes my confidence is shaken a little and I avoid going over water for a flight or two. But drones are made to fly and not just over boring empty football pitches.

  12. PD Tech

    Superb video! What a scary thing to happen over the lake! I wonder if the camera gimbal was having a hard time with the wind? It looks like the drone itself was heading on the right course? I fly a bebop, never had any issues like that with mine but I have seen videos where the video glitches and then the drone does a fly away! It might be worth contacting Parrot support, send them the link to this video and see what they say?
    One thing I have kearnt flying drones above all else is not to fly in strong winds, my bebop is perfectly capable of flying in 20mph+ winds but it is not a pleasant experiemce, the battery does not last well and the motors are put under a lot of stress! Anything over 12mph I prefer not to fly?? New supporter for your channel? Hopefully you'll check out my Parrot bebop related channel and connect? ??

  13. Matt Hoffman

    To me this looks like a gimble problem. Happens when something or anything is slightly blocking the gimble like high wind or a loose ND filter or the plastic housing around the gimble is out of position slightly. Nice location anyway! Liked and subscribed!

  14. John Coward

    Hi Justin. Thanks for your comment. I’ve been into videography for years, but never owned a drone until now. I’ve had this Parrot Anafi for only a couple of weeks and already got some stunning images. As to the scary flight, I’ve got a couple of theories, one being a bird attack or it maybe some interference from the power cables that were 250meters away. I’ve had no problems since so I’m building confidence up again.

  15. Lens Outdoors

    Great video John. I got a parrot couple of months ago and love it. I just watched your video saying what the hell lol. I would have crapped myself if that happened to me, and i hope it doesn't. Hope all is well now. Did you ever find out the problem??Fly safe Justin

  16. John Coward

    I’m absolutely loving this little drone. It’s my first one so I watched so many videos on all the comparable drones in this category and decided this one was the one for me. I’ve logged over 50 flights and the footage and stills are fantastic. I’m not sure what happened on this flight, but it sure scared the hell out of me. So for now, I’ll stay over land until I’m more confident.

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