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Hey everyone, welcome to Geeksvana! In today’s video we are looking at the brand new Anafi USA announced by the French drone manufacturer today. This new enterprise version of the military grade drone developed by Parrot for the US department of defence is actually made in the USA! Let us know your thoughts on this new drone!

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0:00 New Anafi USA
1:04 Official Trailer
2:04 Full Details
2:44 Unboxing By Parrot CEO
4:20 Highlights from Live launch
8:32 Rain flight test
8:49 Dust Test

35 Replies to “Parrot Anafi USA – $7000 Enterprise Drone – Full Details – Geeksvana Drone News”

  1. Wild Raven Drone Services

    32x digital zoom, not optical zoom. The Flir aspect didn't look as impressive as the combined camera on the M300 RTK, it wasn't as crisp. The battery has a 32 min flight, but on the charger they provide takes 3h 20m to charge….. I'm not convinced.

  2. Robert Faass

    The reason not to buy this $7000 drone is that the service from Parrot USA sucks. And buying two to stay in business is difficult for the lone professional pilot… I hope they upgraded their service capability for this drone…

  3. Sunpulse

    His explanation about solar panel defects is off-point. Hotspots occur in each cell of the solar module and these cells dump the excess heat from the surrounding string of cells that are connected to the non-performing cell, creating a hotter cell. The Parrot CEO said it was from storm damage. That is not entirely true. Although there could be the case where a solar module gets damaged by winds in a storm and breaks the exterior encapsulation of the module, then creating a leakage current affect. This may/may not lead to a hotspot.

  4. Roger

    I find the drone interesting and certainly an option for what I'm looking for. Wouldn't it be interesting to see how it compares with the EVO II Thermal combo? Based on the weight (its weight leads me to believe that the wind may have a bigger impact on controlling it), I'm curious to see how well it handles compared to my DJP M2P. But, it's a pretty penny to learn this after a purchase.

  5. Milán Szimándl

    Oh boy, 7000 dollars for a hobby drone, with some fancy cameras which some smartphones already have… Announced by a guy without any presenting skills and capabilities, sitting on a desk in the empty office. What kind of marketing is this? They want to sell a product for $7000! The French CEO repeats that this drone is made in the USA…
    First I thought this is just some joke… 🙂

  6. Briwy

    Looks good to me. I already have an Anafi Thermal bought over the Mavic Dual as the Anafi is radiometric. Personally I think this is a bargain for what it does. Imagine the cost of a Matrice with thermal, way out of the range of most people. Disappointed that it's the same controller with no on/off switch though which is a PITA. Hopefully it will have a Euro C rating as well but perhaps not as the main market will be the States I guess. I love the Thermal but the resolution on the IR is a bit low so this should address that. IP53 is OK for most conditions.

  7. Terrestrial Reconnaissance

    Thanks for sharing this, very interesting. Unlikely to get any change from £9k in the UK once VAT is added and some critical spares, therefore I consider its a professional drone and no place in the consumer marketplace. The resolution of the FLIR sensor looks looks high-spec ( I assume its least a 320 x 256 Boson) and very useful combines with the RGB and the zoom. This makes it look good value when you compare the price against some IR cameras. Is it have EASA type approval Sean? Rgds William.

  8. drones r us

    Lol they couldn't of got anyone else to aaa make aaa this aaa video……aaaa who else ran to the comments after watching this to see who said it first aaaa I think he dont even no English he had to practice for weeks to get this right

  9. qlc01

    Very interesting indeed.

    Great to see an enterprise drone NOT from China.

    What is the RGB camera capacity – 20 mp? That would be nice as that level of clarity is required for, say, insurance photography work of damaged houses and buildings.

    Is the IR camera radiometric? That is important as a radiometric capacity is need for high-end infrared inspection.

    When will Australia see one?

    Great video – thanks very much indeed.

  10. Martin Justo

    Its disapointing that they use the same remote, the one from the original anafi, and the one from the Skydio2. The range of that remote is very limited. I guess is the same here.

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