Parrot ANAFI – The Breathtaking imaging system

Introducing Parrot ANAFI, the next generation of drone. ANAFI is the flying 4K HDR camera that you can take with you everywhere on the go. Ultra-compact and foldable, ANAFI features an impressive 4K HDR imaging system and advanced A.I tracking with automated video modes. It also boasts incredible flight performances and a 25-minute USB-C smart battery. Make your ordinary extraordinary and share it with family and friends.

4K HDR videos and 21MP photos
– 180° tilt gimbal with 3-axis image stabilization
– Up to 2.8X lossless digital zoom and 3X standard digital zoom

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26 Replies to “Parrot ANAFI – The Breathtaking imaging system”

  1. the viper

    Had my anafi less then 24 hours literally had 7 min flight on it and it started flashing check camera then completely cut out and came crashing down doubled checked everything before I hit the take off button. Called customer service to get it warranted and I feel like I just wasted 654 dollars.. got the run around from the first person second person couldn't understand .. hope parrot sticks by their warranty..

  2. Carl Bishop

    its rubbish without the free-flight 6 app there is a beta version but not the real thing fancy releasing a drone without ​ the app.ill stick with DJI at least they have a brill app

  3. Francisco Vaz Antunes

    Gentlemen, unfortunate. I've had a DJI Spark for 1 year and I've never had any problems. I have flying hours! Yesterday I received 1 parrot anafi, to the third plane of flight, of 17 minutes, the drone did not return! I reviewed the flight plan and it is well done! I know the terrain of the flight plan well. The second day I ran out of the drone! Parrot never again!


    I love parrot because at first they were nice and cheap with an expensive look. But now all of these new parrot drones are all expensive and I can't afford them. The prices are starting into likes DJI drones.

    I'm still stuck with there nice parrot bebop 1. The first bebop drones made

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