Parrot Anafi Review | The Mavic Killer

I’ve spent 5 months with this drone now and love it. I firmly believe it is the best drone at its price and gives DJI a run for its money. At $599 or $550 on sale, it just offers so much for a solid experience.
Pick one up in the link below.

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  1. Video Man

    Nice review. I have Spark, Mavic Air and Anafi. I first prefered Mavic but Parrot has really improved a lot the software. Now I use only Anafi : silent, flying time is better, the zoom is cool and image quality excellent.

  2. João Dias de Carvalho

    Hi, wishes for a great Sunday! Congratulations, an excellent flight, great review video… Thank you for sharing! Regards … What's new on our channel? Proof that I lost my temper with age !!! After losing 757-3 and almost Parrot Disco, I decided to learn how to make loops with a RC Plane! … you're always welcome, I'll see you around …

  3. Theorn Campbell

    I kind of overlooked this UAV when it was released. I waited and waited for the Typhoon H plus to be released, BUT the price just doesn't seem to fit the Vehicle. I'm going to have to give this little thing a test run.
    Can the shutter speed be locked so that shutter and frame rate can be matched? Thanks for this review and good on ya' for braving the cold, I can hear it in your voice. 😀

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