Parrot ANAFI Review – [Flight Test In-Depth / Pros & Cons]

Enjoy part 2 of my full multi part Parrot ANAFI review Flight Test In-Depth / Pros & Cons. Get it here:
4K Capable SD card
Drone Launch Pad
Halo Board Rover X Hoverboard here

Here’s Part 1 with Unboxing, Setup & Updating

I like how Parrot is making strides to try and keep up with the ever changing drone market. They have a very light and functional craft here with some unique features. Hoping they can fix a few quirks with software updates and also include the “Follow Me” and “Flight Plan” features for free soon!

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Aloha, Dustin.
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28 Replies to “Parrot ANAFI Review – [Flight Test In-Depth / Pros & Cons]”

  1. Blender Rookie

    28:00 the touch and go is pretty much the only special feature I really like. The fact that it's tied in with google maps makes it very useful. That feature along with HDR and the gimbal will likely get me to buy this drone sometime this year.
    I was looking for an alternative to the DJI Mavic pro 2( I think that's what it's called) and I think this drone fits that bill. 4K, HDR, stable video and good app. I wonder about the range. I don't need a crazy range like the pro 2. I just need about 2 KM.

  2. Just Dee Outdoors

    Dustin, I've had my Anafi since April and love it.  In order to learn how to use it's different options, I am constantly re-watching your videos.  Your Anafi, and really all of your videos, are the best drone videos on YouTube.  Thanks so much for the time and effort that you put into making them.  Much appreciated!

  3. Jet Martin

    I'm debating between purchasing the Fimi X8, Parrot Anafi and the Mavic Air for my first "video" drone.
    From your perspective how would you rank these 3 drones in order from #1 to #3 and can you comment briefly why you selected drone #1. Really appreciate your thoughts.

  4. Ron Brown

    Great video Dustin, I really learned a lot about the Anafi from watching your video. Now that the price is dropping and the firmware updates have added more feature, I'm, thinking about getting one. Thanks for posting this fine review.

  5. Hoki

    I saw a commercial about this drone and I was really interested because it looked really good but for the price which is more than the spark I think is nuts since it can have shaky video and very. Limited range. Look at the remote. No antennas even. And that very plastic look just reminds me of those 30 dollar toy drones u get from China. Maybe if it cost 300 dollars or less I'd buy it and it'll be worth it but for the price right now u might as well get a DJI spark or air that is like 20 times better

  6. James Johnson

    What was the battery time on it. With,What all u did on it D. I KNOW U Was doing alot of thangs on it while u were testing that little baby out.
    It has a lot of things it can do that i just love. BEAUTIFUL.

  7. James Johnson

    D im not going to mess with u again on this one . u love this one man u like all of us who just love To fly QUADS. Thats why i have a lot of different ones They all have their own U NIK FLIGHT, CHARACTERISTIC. We FLY. THEM THEY DON'T FLY US. A WISE FLYER ONCE, SAID.

  8. Pervy Twin

    Hey Dustin. Not sure which version of free flight 6 you had but 6.3 has the option to change to imperial units in the settings under the interface section if you scroll down.

  9. Cereal Pirate

    so far the Anafi is a solid little drone. LOVE the Usb C multiverse !!!! one cable to rule them all haha. my only small niggle is low light seems to be the Anafi's down fall. my main reason for purchasing a drone was for sunrise and sunset photos. Absolutely hate the thought of returning the Parrot to get a phantom 4 pro or god forbid a Yuneec (yuc nick). I just hate DJI and all the pop ups and warnings. not to mention their Nazi like control over OUR drones ! No fly zones are such a Liberal douche bag thing to do. kinda like gun control. smh. Any one out there know of a good low light bird that isnt in Hitler's lineup ?

  10. Naked and Famous

    It's an alien machine for the money you can buy it. I'm very happy with the Anafi.

    You said at the beginning of your video that it is not possible to change between INCH and CM. Actually that was the first thing I've changed and I use it on Android.

    My apologies for not reading all the comments to the possibility that this is already been spoken out.

    Thanks for the explanation anyway

  11. Denis Lordan

    I’m looking for a drone to record football and soccer matches what drone should I be looking at?Also a football game (gaa) is 30 minutes a half how long does the battery last?Also can it be used in wind and rain ?

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