Parrot Anafi Review: Best Compact Drone.

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I had a ton of fun making this video I think its my most complex production yet. I still have lots to improve on but the more I make videos the more I learn!! Anafi is a powerful little drone with a great camera. The 180 degrees of tilt is impressive and zoom is nice too. Ill be making a video shortly comparing this with the Mavic Pro. Ill also be making a video showing the best settings for the camera. Stay tuned!!!

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41 Replies to “Parrot Anafi Review: Best Compact Drone.”

  1. Jet Martin

    @Striker Blade Co. I'm not sure the screen freezing behavior that you mentioned at the very end of your video still exist anymore. Maybe you can post and update in your comments. Also generally speaking have you flown the Anafi since the last major update? I haven't tested all the concerns that you raised but I'm guessing that some if not most of the issues have been addressed. Look forward to further updates from you on the Anfafi

  2. Jet Martin

    I bought both the Mavic Air and the Anafi. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Anafi…it's actually a pleasure to fly it. The Mavic Air…not so much…It's a nice drone and does some things better than the Anafi (e.g., precision landing, rock solid stable hover, obstacle avoidance) but it is sooooooo obnoxiously LOUD (like a SWARM of very angry africanized bees). It so bad that I can't wait to get it away from me. In contrast the Anafi is probably THE quietest drone in the market. I heard all of this before I bought the Mavic Air but thought it wouldn't be a big deal…but surprisingly it is a bigger deal than I thought…so much so I'm returning the Mavic Air.
    My only real complaint about the Anafi so far is that the batteries are so expensive. $99 is the best deal I've found so far and according to the Parrot Anafi forum they never go on sale. So if you can get a good deal on the Anafi Extended Combo (includes 3 batteries and a carrying bag) I'd recommend you get it as it may save you a lot of money.

  3. Jet Martin

    For those that don't know the Follow me mode only and the Flight Plan (way points) both cost 99 cents each…so no biggie. And both these flight modes are incredible…better than DJI"s IMO.


    I bought my first Anafi when they were released last year, I damaged my drone by smashed it against a concrete wall, I only enjoyed it for 20 days, but really it was a good drone, it was my fault instead of going backward, I went forward and then I heard a loud noise since then I put my drone in a museum.

  5. pmh1nic

    After doing a lot of comparing I went with the Anafi over the Mavic for four reasons. The 180 degree adjustment of the camera, never ruining a shot because the propellers are in the frame, the Anafi is super quiet and there is no geofencing (no fly zones) to deal with. The batteries do take a long time to charge using USB but I purchased a charging station that will charge three batteries, the controller and my cell phone at the same time in about an hour. The charger has overvoltage protection but isn't a balanced charger so every forth or fifth charge I plan to charge the batteries using the battery smart charge circuitry via the USB-C connection.

  6. Reconnaissance Squadron

    One little moan, the Follow Me and Flight Plan modes, while they are available for a fee the fee is now utterly trivial. Apparently the Follow Me is really good (I haven't used it yet) and I can say without any doubt at all that the money I spent on the Flight Plan is the best bargain I have bought for years. When the Anafi was first launched Parrot did charge quite a lot for the extra modes but the feedback on this was terrible for the product launch. Obviously different countries have different currencies but for me Flight Plan cost less than a McDonald's cheeseburger. This allows you to plot routes, set the heights and the camera direction and select the speed and so on. While it isn't as powerful as Litchi it is a lot cheaper and for most people it would have all the features they would actually use.

  7. ryboy

    it's been 3 months that I used this drone for my youtube channel, and I love it! I often use the 2,7K mode (which you didn't talk about), and the video quality is awesome. Great review!

  8. Matt Hoffman

    I think I've seen all the Anafi reviews on the tube so far and this is definitely one of the most informative. Well done. I thought I was the only one who noticed the poor quality of 60fps.

  9. Petri Y

    Nice video man! Yep the Anafis wifi is a bit "weird" if thats the right word. I've got wifi feed up to 3 kilometers in nature, while it gets interferences quite easily even there's just few other wifi networks around. Maybe it gets fixed in the future updates if its not hardware limitation.

  10. Rolex drone channel.

    Had the Bebop 2 excellent but the controller stopped working. Pain. I then had the DJI Spark. But had problems with updates. Then I went for The Magic Air drone but fall from the Sky with 70 % battery power. I am so upset . Eamon in Ireland.

  11. Kim - Discovering History

    Wonderful and informative video my friend and your screen res is spot on. Thank you for your support and of course you have mine too..(can't remember when I actually subbed your channel but I am subbed lol). Great work my friend. ??????????

  12. Dman 52 Drones

    Great review my new friend ! I fly the Bebop 2 but have been looking at the Anafi , dji Mavic Pro Platinum and the Autel Evo . I'll probably end up with the Anafi due to the pricing and the quality Parrot offers . See you soon !

  13. triynizzles

    Is that a humming bird at checking out Anafi at the end? That's awesome!! The timestamps is a cool idea I didn't really notice them throughout the video because It was so entertaining I watched the whole thing.

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