PARROT ANAFI – Home Roof Inspection Drone

I Had My Roof Replaced & Filmed it With the PARROT ANAFI Drone. This is what happens when you have a YouTube channel all about Drones. Even when you get work done on your house, you film it.

The Parrot Anafi can be purchased here:

CAMERA: Panasonic 4K Camcorder:

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  1. Drone Techie

    As a home inspector in California. I love the roof job they did.When I inspect roofs with one of my DJI drones, I do the same. I have been hesitant using the Parrot Anafi, because I am afraid of losing it.. we get a lot of wind in Southern Cal. and the Anafi is so very light, I wonder if it can hold to the 35mph wind they say! I sent it back twice, the first time It flew right back at me and I swatted it like then bug it looks like The second time, it came where the sd card holder came off when I took the battery out. So I get the replacement tomorrow. I think I will try it out on my next inspection. I like the zoom feature. I love the Anafi, phone app, I think in many ways it's better than the DJI GO4 app. the only issei's ue I have is it loses signal rather quickly. I took it up at. park I wasn't 30 feet up and it tae me poor signal. any advice? I calibrate each time I flew. before I flew. and it loses signal. I love using the Mavic 2 Pro, the Mavic Pro, the Mavic Air, the Phantom 4 Pro and even the Spark on occasion. I now use the Spark for Attics and crawlspaces under the house.. I added a light system to it and use the Prop guards for good measure. Great video, thank you, and keep it up, love the channel.. Happy New Year!

  2. Airwolf

    Sweetness. The ANAFI handled that wind fairly well.

    Does the ANAFI really hover in one place for 25 minutes as stated by Parrot? The reason I ask is I'm wondering if in theory you could have plopped the ANAFI up in the air in one place over your roof and taken time lapse shots of the activity over the course of the day to see the progress and exchanging batteries as required. What you demonstrated and what I suggested really points to the practicality of having a powered tether system to let the drone hover in place for hours. Great use of the ANAFI since it's quite and light so if it did fall it would be less likely to hurt the roofers!

  3. Michael Jasiukiewicz

    Hi there – I really enjoy watching your Videos. Right now im waiting for a pretty good price for anafi with an extra battery – your vods convinced me to get one for myself as upgrade from bebop 2 🙂

  4. Jeremy Wynne

    Hi there I'm Jeremy from Australia I'm also a roofing plumber, and drone nerd, In Australia if I posted a video like that here the work place health and safety would have a field day and get the roofers for not using harness, and then cassa would get you Steve for flying to close to people ,it must be easier in Canada

  5. CE-750 Pilot

    Captain! Another great video! I really enjoyed viewing it! Two years ago, we developed a leak in our master bedroom closet. I sent up my Yuneec Typhoon H, and got close to the roof with the camera gimbal facing down. I found that some caulking around a roof vent had totally deteriorated. I sent the video to my roofer, who was impressed by it and told me he wished everyone had a drone to do preliminary roof inspection! Thanks again, my friend! You are the best…??

  6. Ed Ruttledge

    Good use of the ANAFI gimbal capabilities. I had roof damage (I live on the Oregon coast) and was able to show the roofer the extent of it by my Mavic Pro. He did a patch and is coming back next spring for a full redo job. He inquired about doing a video for his web page. That's the plan anyway.

  7. Pilesofplenty

    You will need to have the exposed fasteners on the vent flashings checked and sealed every couple years. I call it a preinstalled leak. Its usually avoidable but the vast majority of roofers do it union or not. Looks pretty good otherwise. The quality is always in the flashings, I have only known a few guys that do flashing right and its almost always the cause of leaks. I need that quad! I dont think my racers will do this.

  8. Dale Ch

    Funny how the Anafi was your 'go to' drone here – mmmmm, maybe you've come around to my way of thinking that DJI have a very serious contender here ?? Can't wait for the Anafi 2, due around 00/00/2018?

  9. Tommy Sainthill

    I roofed for a living before my new job, I aint getting any younger, so I appreciate what was done on the tear-off as well as the new shingles being installed. Looks good, in my opinion. I think it's a good job, Captain. ? Waiting on the new Hubsan Zino to be shipped to me on October 30th, I'll let you know how that goes. My wife is going to let me shingle our roof next week on my days off. What a great lady. Thanks from your friend in Cape Breton, N.S Canada. Love to see some guitar vids bro. ? Hook me up with a link, I'll drum with your own tunes cause Celtic Colours is a different beast. Up the Irons bro! ? Pink Floyd says don't RUSH. Stay cool. Oh ya, go Habs go.

  10. Trevor Gale

    Hi Steve, good to see your shingles are all cleared up, I take it you were over the contagious stage. One can never be too careful. As for the roof, looks good over here it's either tiles or good old galvanised iron roof.

  11. spynolimits

    Thanks for the video, quality looks really good. Is that with the directly with standard video settings or has been color correct in post?
    Also, I’m interested in knowing how does the flight experience compare to a dji like spark/mavic? I am a spark owner
    Thanks in advance

  12. Carel van Heugten

    And yes this is funny. I started flying drones because of my…. rain gutters. I have my house for 19 years now and until now I had no idea whatsoever how the qualite of my roof, my rain gutters, my chimney, was. Maybe there lived a nest of bad squirrels, who knows. And ok, I could use a ladder. But no.. I have a severe fear of height. First floor? Piece of cake. Second floor? Oh no

    Thats where I started droning. First a simple Hubsan 502E, that poor thing saw all trees, bushes, roads, from very close distance. 2 weeks and it was gone. But the dronevirus had me firm and tight. I loved flying. Now a Spark and, ok, not 4k, ok. But still a fantastic drone.

    I did what you did here. Only your films are better than mine. Making good shots is both a profession and a talent


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