28 Replies to “Parrot Anafi for 2019? Brief”

  1. Manoj

    Neat and quick ?. One criticism it received earlier was $17.99 in app purchase for flight modes. Now they are 99c makes it better.

    Sold my spark and picked up anafi for $480 from Massdrop. It'll arrive in two days. I was on the fence and hope my choice isn't wrong.

  2. António Pereira

    great video
    you took good plans and picture perspective in a beautiful landscape
    Thank you for sharing.
    I have the drone parrot anafi which in my opinion is very good visit my channel and if you like subscribe ✔️
    best regards

  3. taike.nobu

    I think ANAFI was released with great hardware potentials last summer but firmware was not matured yet at that time. The constant software updates since then by Parrot have enhanced UX and made us ANAFI users happier.

  4. Oxford Blue

    I have both the Anafi and Mavic 2 Pro and my experience is the Anafi holds it's own very well. I find that filming in Neutral colour gives the best image for post-editing and shows less noise than the enhanced colour modes. Also, I've found the key thing for a better-range stable image is to have my iPhone in Airplane Mode, that way there's no strong local RF impeding the link between the controller and drone. That goes for my M2P too.

  5. Dennis Lovelady

    Thanks, Ken. Very well presented, and I agree with what you've said here (experience notwithstanding). When I crashed my M2P and went to BestBuy for a replacement, I thought long and hard about the Anafi, and I can't do that without thinking about your high opinion of it. In the end I bought the M2Z mostly because of the battery/accessories interchangeability, not knowing I'd get the M2P repaired. I will most likely buy an Anafi at some point (so much to like).

    Boy, did I digress! All of that to say that I value your opinion and you make me want the experience. So thanks, Ken.

  6. Duncan Grixti

    Spot on review Ken. For the price we can't complain for sure, im really happy with the anafi, my only wish that the anafi could had is the 3rd axis for more stabbility, its a bit jittery when doing a yaw turn but considering what i paid i really can't complain.
    This weekend i will upload my next footage with the anafi.
    Thanks, Duncan from Malta

  7. Michael Smith

    Nice Video. Really like the footage. Question for you, I am going to buy either a Mavic Pro refurbished from DJi or the Anafi. I want to film events and Weddings. Which would you choose to go with. Assuming both are about the same price?

  8. João Dias de Carvalho

    Hi Ken… Yes, maybe Anafi is the best relationship price / quality / functions… Incredible place, great flight! Thanks for sharing this video! I fly the Bebop 2, Anafi, Disco and other RC planes! Let's go to the next challenge …

  9. TD Map

    Another great Anafi footage there Ken. This little drone is simply amazing considering the price.
    Hyperlapse while hovering at a fixed position brings out my Mavic 2 Zoom’s strength when it comes to image stabilization. The Anafi footage exhibits the shake in the yaw direction during playback – 3 axis will come in handy here. Other than that I have no concerns about stabilization in all my other applications. The Anafi is as good as they come in my opinion.
    While enjoying my Anafi I’m also waiting for the Anafi 2 with great expectations…

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