Parrot Anafi Extended Unboxing & Setup | Episode 1

Parrot ANAFI Extended Unboxing & Setup. In this full review series you will see my real life experience with the Parrot ANAFI over time. I’ll try to film everything and pack in as much useful information as possible. Starting with unboxing and setup in Episode 1.


Find the Parrot ANAFI here:
Extended Version ($100 less at Best Buy):

📕ANAFI User Guide:

Full Parrot Bebop 2 Review Series:

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35 Replies to “Parrot Anafi Extended Unboxing & Setup | Episode 1”

  1. Gadget Inspector

    Excited to have finally gotten a hold of the Anafi. It's everything I like about the Bebop 2 and more.
    Find the Parrot Anafi here:

    Extended Version ($100 less at Best Buy):*Tsi*cWda4&mid=38606&

    📕Anafi User Guide:

  2. jen33sen

    When you have to do a Firmware update('s) BOTH the Drone & Controller, You should always do the CONTROLLER first, Then update the drone. I'm sure that's why the Firmware update hung up on you.

  3. gerv55

    Good little drone though 9it has its issues, had several occasions where the drone would power on and not find the connection at all, it would just sit there with it's fan spinning, (no gimble dance, etc). And to power it down i had to remove the battery, happened a few times now seems to be the app somehow getting corrupted.

  4. Ron Brown

    I just picked up the Anafi recently, so I look forward to your in depth series on the this drone. Great unboxing, I didn't get the extended version so I got to see all the stuff I missed out on.

  5. Milton Smith

    Welcome to the Parrot Anafi Fan Club!! Awesome camera, battery life and Autonomous (Flight Plan) snap-in. Not the distance of the Mavic Pro, but, given the FAA guidelines, it stays pretty much line-of-sight (Flight Plan can be the exception).

  6. Drone Life

    Keep the silica bag in there,it helps reduce moisture and that helps alot keeps the bird health….I have an anafi it's great I fly in Canada with out an certification. 300grams… And people are not bothered by it..Checkout my channel

  7. pmh1nic

    The Anafi is a great drone. Very good camera, super quiet, no corporately mandated NFZ, fun to fly and FF6 is easy to use. It does suffer as other wifi drones do in urban/suburban areas with a short range due to interference. I get about 200 meters out (100 meters high) I begin to lose the transmission but at that point you can barely see it. With Ocusync on my Mavic Pro I go twice as far with a solid transmission and the real limitation is keeping the drone in sight at that distance.

    While the Anafi is light it has done very well in windy conditions. I spent a view days at the beach and flew it in 15 – 20 mph winds and it held its own.

  8. João Dias de Carvalho

    Good evening! … Excellent video, congratulations, have a great time with the Anafi … Best regards … What's new on our channel? I posted a new video with the Parrot Anafi over a dam in strong wind conditions, I invite you to see … you are always welcome !!!

  9. Dale Admire

    When I found out they were not going to make the Bebop 2 anymore I purchased one and a ton of spare parts but I waited on extra batteries, now I can't find them anywhere, I probably should have just purchased the anafi instead, however, I love the look of the Bebop 2 and it's a very good drone. God bless you brother, I love your channel.

  10. Allon Shabazz

    Now that is cool. Wish it was in the budget. I want them to come out with a Mambo 2 great pictures. I don't get my 1080 camera shots that look that good cool music. I can't find your tracks you almost got Dr. Dre beat lol. Maybe it's the pilot God Bless you good to see you doing a video.You Explain it so good keep up the good work. Watching it makes me want to get It if nothing but the size and flight planning is a major plus. You get what you pay for as always quality. Is Parrot coming out with any new Jumping drones? If they do can you do a video on those to and explain there road planning I have Diesel. Awesome Man

  11. Fly Bar

    For charging…cut the time by buying this. This is what I have and it works…also states the same in the manual: You will also need a usb-c to usb-c cord. Amazon also sells those. This still is much cheaper than the optional charger DJI will sell you for their drones. Don’t forget..DJI doesn’t give those away free. Start flying and reviewing RC airplanes and gliders…not much tech changes with quads and drones…these are getting long in the tooth. Not your vids…but the entire industry for quads is getting boring.

  12. Aaron Maez

    Loving the review. Aand im buying one. I made the mistake of not buying the parrot bebop 2 power edition a few years ago and regretted it so much… Not gonna make that mistake this time. Im gonna go for it and buy one. Thx bruh.

  13. Keith Washington

    Its a pretty good drone , but like u said it is very fragile , i have had 2 , and if it gets in any kind if crash or accidentally, hit something it will most like break as mines did. Its a great flier and pretty stong in the wind , the video looks real good, i still think parrot as the best autonomous, flight mode , follow and flight plan , better than dji and mist others. Im not going to lie and say it has the best video , though the evo and m2p , has it on that , but it would be 3rd on my list. What like about the anafi , it records on when the drone takes off , u dont have to hit a focus button the the m2p , nfzs , and the recording saves as soon as the drone lands, every drone should have this feature, so u won't lose , videos and photos if u forget to , stop recording. Have fun.

  14. Carel van Heugten

    Good review! As always. Hope the Anafi is working fine. The specs are great but the small bugs in starting up are a bit annoying. This drone is more than 3/4 year on the market and those things should be solved.

    But regarding the specs, this Anafi is a real alternative for the Mavic Air. And it has a zoom function.

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