Parrot Anafi Extended Review 2019 – Great Features, Frustrating Drone

Parrot Anafi Extended Review 2019 – Great Features, Frustrating Drone

I’ve flown the Parrot Anafi for almost a year now. As you’ll learn over the course of this Parrot Anafi review, on Youtube my observations about the Anafi range from the really great to the really bad. It’s a frustrating mixed bag of great features and really dumb design elements. This review provides an extended, no-holds-barred look at the Parrot Anafi, covering body design and build, features it has (and doesn’t have), range test, flight performance and video quality.

Is the Parrot Anafi a drone I would recommend? In a comparison of Parrot Anafi vs. Mavic Air, who wins out? Watch this video to find out.

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Parrot Anafi Extended Review – Great Features, Frustrating Drone

26 Replies to “Parrot Anafi Extended Review 2019 – Great Features, Frustrating Drone”

  1. Jeff Sibelius

    UPDATE: The price for the add-on flight modes is no longer $36 – it's now $2. I priced these modes when I first purchased the Anafi last year. When I did this review I looked for information on the flight modes on Parrot's website but did not see pricing there.

    When I review a drone, I do not include accessories, add-ons, etc. I want to base my review on what the average user will receive when they open the box. That's why I've never used Litchi, for example, and why I've treated things like CrystalSky as a separate review. If I was interested in doing more with the Anafi, I would probably have purchased the modes and reviewed them separately. As it is, I'm not planning to do any more with the Anafi so there is no reason to purchase the modes.

  2. Guide504

    Anafi is within reason great.

    The only 2 gripes I have is magenta central colour hue in the image on both of mine, and the base lens could be a narrower longer flatter field lens.

  3. Cooper Lee

    Y'all city boys think it's stupid to use tools
    Y'all also complain about the bebop 2 because it has no removable memory.
    Now your complaining about the external memory.
    You call it a remote controller
    It's called a transmitter
    It looks like a sunglasses case not a coffin
    The case is so it protects the gimball.

  4. The Swole Goal

    Hi Jeff

    Is there a way to get photos and more specifically, videos onto a mobile phone using a cable rather than the wifi?

    I'll be editing my videos on a mobile phone app rather than laptop or desktop computer and this is a major factor!

    Thanks in advance


    Location determines how good your WiiFi signal will be.
    Near large towns, WiFi will be interfered with.
    I have seen the Anafi travel 6000 meters on WiFi control. It all depends on WiFi use where you fly.
    As an RF engineer, this problem will only worsen as more people move outside normal urban areas.
    Try a rural setting, and notice your connection remain solid for a much longer distance.
    The Anafi can not control WiFi users, you simply choose which area you fly in.


    You can also download direct to your phone with the drone 'on'.
    The thin props add to its silence, I like them, they are actually quite rugged.
    Once the card cage loosened and came off, I attached it, then covered it with electrical tape…no more issues.

  7. StIwY

    I had this drone for two months, 89 flights on the record………… but i selled it for two reasons. The SkyController 3 have an awful ergonomic shape, and the camera struggle to record bright and detailed videos with mid-low sunlight. The rest is fine to me.

  8. chillimocha

    HI Jeff great review. Can I ask…..what is your issue with the NFZ's baked into DJi products? I sit on the fence with it to be honest. I have a Mavic 2 Zoom and never fly or attempt to fly near airports or landing strips. But there are a lot of idiots around that would do it without thinking twice and I do think it is good that DJi make their products safer by having NFZ's.

  9. digitalemotionfilms

    Not sure how you got such a short range, I have pushed my Anafi up to 1.5 miles away and the video only became flakey at just over a mile. I film extreme sport for broadcast television for a living and have flown in winds up to 19 knots…especially when shooting Surf Ski racing over the ocean and MTB racing… Flies it like a breeze, even in rain it works well and in conditions where other pilots struggle with Phantom 4 getting High Wind warnings. Yes it becomes tricky to fly but it's smooth…. even though it eats the battery Yes the SD card slot is a pain but this drone is rock solid

  10. Jet Martin

    Jeff, in your review you doubted the Anafi's ability to handle higher winds up to 50kmh.. Well here is a video ( showing the Anafi flying in sustained winds of 34kph with gust at 42kph…and it's doing it with relative ease. While it's not at the full 50kph stated limit it dos show me that the 50kph limit is not at all unrealistic as you implied. I get're "the glass is half full" (well…maybe 1/4 full in your case) kind of a guy..but maybe you should just stick to what a drone can and can't do rather than speculating on what the drone might not be able to do if you can't test it to prove it….Well because it kind of kills your credibility as a reviewer. Food for thought.


    The case is very useful you can hang the case in your backpack and you can use for example follow me without the controller. Only with the phone.
    The obstacle avoidance consumes much battery and don’t allow you to fly near objects.
    The price of the extra futures is 0.99 and nope 36 and is for two features nope 3 like you said
    The propellers doesn’t requiere a tool to change try to rotate and you see. And are very quiet.
    The WiFi connection is great I Get 2 km.
    The card holder is very easy to to use and you don’t need nails to push it and you don’t put in risk your card like the other system that can to jump out.

  12. Jet Martin

    I owned a Mavic Air and ended up selling it to purchase the Anafi and I haven't looked back since. Here is what I love about the Anafi as compared to the Mavic Air:
    1 – Significantly longer battery life (+38%) than Mavic Air (Anafi: 22 min vs Mavic Air's: 16mins ACTUAL flight time). Maybe you get 18 with OA turned off.
    2 – Zoom capability up to 2.8x lossless.
    3 – 180 degree gimbal; I find that I use this feature quite a bit to get shots that I'd never be able to get with other drones;
    4 – It's super QUIET; I actually enjoy flying the drone. No swarm of angry bees and all the negative attention that comes along with a NOISY drone.
    5 – NEVER get your props in your video. This was a constant problem with the Mavic Air even when not flying in airplane mode; Found myself constantly having to crop the props from my videos;
    6 – Anafi's camera: 21MP vs 12MP for Mavic Air.
    7 – At the time of my purchase the Anafi was about $200 cheaper than the Mavic Air. Honestly after flying both I feel like the Anafi should be the more expensive one. I personally don't use Obstacle Avoidance so OA on the Mavic Air was a no-op for me.
    8 – No BS No Fly Zone (NFZ) restrictions
    9 – The Anafi's Free Flight software is much more intuitive and easier to use then DJI's Go 4 app;
    10 – Love the auto record capability on take off and landing…that has saved my video from getting corrupted many times.
    11 – The Flight Plan Feature – for planning autonomous flights is very flexible and you can set up your flight plans without having to turn on the drone unlike with DJI Waypoints where the drone must be on. Also on DJI Waypoints on the pan axis seems to get locked causing the video to become quite jumpy and it ruins the footage because it occurs through out the mission making the footage completely unusable.
    12 – Follow Me vs Active Track 2.0 – I actually found the Anafi's Follow Me mode to be better in some ways than DJI's Active Track. I could lose either of them if I made sudden fast directional changes BUT the Anafi did a much better job of automatically locating me again and locking back on me without any intervention on my part whereas on Active Track 2.0 typically wouldn't find me once it lost me. And even if it didn't auto lock back on me the Anafi was still able to keep me in frame because in addition to using visual tracking it uses the controller GPS as a fall back way to locate you. Also with the Anafi Follow Me you will never have (scary) Tracking attacks that you can get with Active Track 2. If you aren't familiar with these attacks see this video: It's quite scary and dangerous.
    13. You can charge the batteries via USB with your phone charger and no need to drag around a PC brick sized charger and in a pinch I can charge on the road via power bank in the field or from my car – I use my phone chargers to re-charge the battery and I have a couple of PD chargers from my prior two Android phones and they charge the battery pretty quickly.

    Re: the deficiencies you highlighted:
    0 – Flight Plan & Tracking costing an extra $36? It's been $2/each for quite a while. So I have to assume that you never tried using either of these great features given the date of the video was June 2019 or you'd know they were just $2 each.
    1 – Short Wifi distance…I've been able to fly the Anafi up to 2000 feet (actually beyond my line of sight…shhh) without any issues. Maybe you weren't flying in airplane mode? I seemed to get about the same range with the Mavic Air.
    2 – Anafi SD card mechanism – All the reviewers like to talk about this one…I get it..It's an easy target. But personally I have no issue with it (simply slide the gate open, cup the Anafi in your hand, flip the Anafi over in your hand, and the SD card is right there in your hand, easy peazy). So I actually found it much easier to access the SD card on the Anafi compared to the Mavic Air where you literally need tweezers or some tool to be able to remove the SD card…so frustrating…and I have slender fingers. Having said that now for convenience I just pull all my video files off the Anafi via the USB-C port by connecting my Anafi directly to my PC…again just because it's so easy to do. And I don't think you can do that with the DJI Mavic, right?
    3 – No manual take off capability – Really?!?'re really digging here…I find a takeoff button to be very useful…under what circumstance would you be disadvantaged by pushing a button vs having to use both hands to arm the motors and then the throttle to takeoff?
    4 – Fragile/see through propellers – I've never had a failure..but then again I've never crashed mine. If you clip a tree they likely would be damaged but that's true with any other drone props. And if super quiet flight characteristic is the result of the Anafi's props I'll take any theoretical (but unproven) difference in durability any day of the week.
    5 – "You still need to purchase 3rd party chargers" – I have several "fast charge/PD" USB phone chargers from my last two phones so no extra purchases for me to get a fast charge…If you need a Fast Charge/PD charger you can pick up a two port charger on Amazon for ~$30…and you can charge TWO batteries at the same time and it's tiny and light (unlike DJI charging hubs that cost $70+ and only charges 1 battery at a time and just adds one more thing to lug around in addition to the DJI charging brick) ….So yes the DJI batteries charge faster but by using USB chargers I can charge multiple batteries simultaneously with the Anafi and no need to carry that big charging brick around with me.
    6 – Anafi wind handling will limit your days flying – I've found that it handles the wind quite well. It is light but I live in a windy location near the beach with winds frequently exceeding 20mph and I've NEVER had to curtail my flying because of the wind…it actually handles the wind line a champ.
    7 – Doesn't come with a case – as you pointed out it does come with a case that holds everything when you purchase the Extended Edition…but outside of that there are low cost cases for $21 that hold everything that the extended edition bag holds and it matches the Anafi pouch to the tee. And by the way if you just want a standalone case that just protects your controller you can pick one up that matches the drone pouch for just $9 – $12. And again you don't get a case with the Mavic Air either unless you buy the FlyMore combo.
    8 – Drone takes up too much room in your bag – Really? Well I put mine in a back pack and it works great that way…in either case both the Mavic Air and the Anafi are incredibly compact and quiet portable.

    Here are my gripes with Parrot/Anafi:
    1 – Batteries are too Expensive – They cost $99 at Best Buy. Granted they will give you about 37% more flight time (22mins) vs the Mavic Air's (16 min) so at $99 vs $75 (Mavic Air) it's about the same cost per flight time minute for both. But still I think almost all Drone batteries are far too expensive.
    2- Parrot doesn't have any repair centers in the US – So if you crash your Anafi or you need repairs outside of the warranty period you will NOT be able to send it to Parrot for repair…unless you have an address in one of the European countries where they have a repair center…and unfortunately I sold my French Chalet last year…jk. So this means you'll either have to repair it yourself (and their are several videos online that show you how to dismantle the Anafi down to it's component levels) or you'll have to find someone to repair it for you. Parrot does recommend a company in Florida that will do repairs but there is NO relationship between this FLA company and Parrot. Note: Parrot support has told me verbally that they plan to add repair centers in the US but no specific timelines were noted…Let's hope that they follow through their plans because I think its killing a LOT of potential sales..I likely wouldn't have purchased my Anafi except for the fact that I bought a refurbed Anafi at a FANTASTIC price…That said now having owned the Anafi I realize how much I would have been missing out had I not purchased it. I'm just hoping that I don't need any repairs…knock on wood, cross my fingers. I hope Parrot follows through with their plans to add support centers in the US.

  13. Jet Martin

    Flight Plan and Follow Me both cost 99 cents each…It's been that way for quite a while so not sure why you still indicate that this cost $36? (This was filmed in June 2019, right? ) Keep in mind that if you wanted comparable Flight Planning/Waypoint functionality (I said comparable) on DJI product you'd have to purchase a 3rd Party product by Lichi for $24 and if you were unfortunate enough to have a crash while using the Lichi App you warranty is null and void.

  14. Julien Taming

    Totally agree on the review ! The wifi transmission is so annoying. I still got amazing shots with it, I love how quiet is it, and the battery life is excellent. I got a dock to charge 3 batteries at the same time in 1hour10 min, super fast ! With a car adapter as well. I keep the sd card inside too. I dont mind the case, I got a case for the remote and I put them in my backpack.

  15. Chase

    great video. i think all of the cons are forgivable other than the unreliable wifi connection. i bought one a couple of weeks ago and i have found the signal to be choppy as well. living in nyc, there is a lot of frequency flying around, so i'm hoping that when i'm traveling off the grid it won't be so bad.

  16. Jeff Sibelius

    I’ve flown the Parrot Anafi for almost a year now. As you’ll learn over the course of this Parrot Anafi review, on Youtube my observations about the Anafi range from the really great to the really bad. It’s a frustrating mixed bag of great features and really dumb design elements. This review provides an extended, no-holds-barred look at the Parrot Anafi, covering body design and build, features it has (and doesn't have), range test, flight performance and video quality.

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