Parrot Anafi Drone Review (for WIRED)

Well lookie here, it’s my video review of the new Parrot Anafi drone. This is mostly just sample footage, so if you want to get into the nitty gritty, head on over to and read the full review:

Also, sorry about the audio quality on this one. I forgot to grab my normal mic. Mea culpa.

Also, here’s a link to my Mavic Air review, for comparison:

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  1. V Kat

    You kidding me? I would never get Mavic Air if i have Anafi, Mavic Air is useless, people compare Anafi to Mavic Pro 2 zoom, this little drone has so many advantages over Mavic Air, you just ignore them, Parrot not only catches up to DJI, Parrot already is a better drone, and a lot of people are switching to it from DJI, because of the stupid restrictions and geo fancying, so this review is total bullshit! People don’t listen to this guy, get Anafi and you will love it! The controller is one of the best on the market by the way! Anafi 100% on par with DJI, learn how to use post production, and you will get amazing professional footage out of Anafis beautiful camera, HDR is very useful just not in every condition, But you have many options to adjust to any situation, you will never see propellers in your frame like in DJI, and the list goes on and on….

  2. TD Map

    Im 6 months late but hey….
    He didn't forget to mention the Anafi's plusses he just chose to ignore them.
    Between the Mavic Air and Mavic Pro, I will take the Mavic Pro. Between Mavic Pro and Anafi I will take the Anafi. I haven't used my Mavic 2 Zoom for 3 weeks now since I got my Anafi

  3. PaddleDogC5

    I see a few reviews where people say Anafi feels light and flimsy. After flying it many times a crashing nothing broke. But they don't like it. How do you think it does so long? Because of weight reduction. I read Anafi has carbon fibre parts. That's strong and light for a reason. True or false any other opinions / info? I have a Parrot Mambo to learn. Good for the 100 it cost. Friend bought a DJI Mavic pro platinum but has not used it. Looking at it and Anafi but one is 4-500 less.

  4. Quadography Australia

    Ever heard of ND lens filters! They are available for the Anafi, especially good for shooting directly at the sun, At least the Anafi doesn't have No fly zones, oh yeah forgot about that big minus on the mavic or any dji drone! For the price the Anafi wins, if you need obstacle avoidance your not flying high enough or you should practice more!

  5. João Dias de Carvalho

    Hi Brent. Thanks for sharing this test movie. I'm also learning to control Anafi and its camera to get the best pictures. The inclusion of gimbal and zoom in this drone is a big change over Bebop 2. We continue with our flights … greetings!

  6. Ryan Carpanen

    I don't have a drone, but I'm shopping around for one. You mentioned in the video that you think the Mavic air is a better drone, but is also over 100+ more than the anafi.

    Why do you suggest the Mavic air?!

    Like I mentioned before, I don't have a drone yet but have flown my friends spark and was very impressed with how easy it was to fly. But that was the spark and not the Mavic air.

    But, from the research I've been doing, I kinda feel like the anafi might be my choice of drone.

    The advantages of the Mavic air over the anafi are:

    Obstacle avoidance
    DJI quality build (DJI drones are very strong and sturdy and the build quality is amazing, Def much better than the anafi)
    3 axis 'mechanical' gimbal for a much sturdier image, expecially in the turning axis.
    The asteroid mode is available.
    The Mavic air is smaller when folded and unfolded.
    Gimbal has better protection as it's inside the drone.
    Faster drone.
    No in app purchases

    Now the parrot anafi advantages over the Mavic air:

    The Sony sensor has a much better quality image.
    The anafi has zoom and therefore has the dolly effect.
    The follow me mode is more responsive and accurate but no obstacle avoidance.
    180 degree tilt angle of gimbal to look upwards
    No propellors seen in the footage.
    Much MUCH more quieter drone
    Longer lasting battery
    Comes with a carry case.
    The app looks a lot easier to use.

    So for me, I feel like the quietness off the drone is a huge positive. I've heard the Mavic air and it's crazy loud. But it does look great!
    Also a carry case included in the package so I don't need to buy one, but they are relatively inexpensive. I suppose the in app purchase will counter the lack of case with the Mavic air.
    I have an android phone and it's not SUPER new, and Ive found that DJI GO app needs an iPhone or an extremely good android to function properly. It's quite a taxing app for the phones. I do own a DJI osmo mobile 2 which I love so I'm not a "DJI hater" as what tend to be said about people who don't choose DJI drones.

    What do you think. Why do you feel the Mavic air is worth over 100+ more.
    And before you mention obstacle avoidance, I believe it has its disadvantages as well as advantages. For example, you wouldn't have been able to fly your Mavic air through those trees like you did with the anafi, because the obstacle avoidance just wouldn't have let you. But it is definitely safer and you have less chance of hitting something. But other than that…anything I've missed or anything to persuade to get the Mavic air instead?!?

    Sorry for the long essays btw, just want to make the right choice when choosing my drone. Thanks

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