Parrot Anafi drone review: DJI still owns the sky

Parrot’s new drone Anafi is direct response to DJI’s Mavic Air — a compact drone capable of HDR 4K aerial footage. It also introduces three features you can’t find anywhere else, but is it enough to rival DJI?

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22 Replies to “Parrot Anafi drone review: DJI still owns the sky”

  1. ufosaboveus

    If you are really doing an honest review… you should update this. The Anafi has several things that make it better than the mavic air for some. First and foremost is the noise level which you ignored and it is a huge difference. You take an Anafi and mavic air up 50 feet and see if you can tell the difference. The Anafi is silent at 50 feet but the mavic air sounds like angry bees. For those that either film wildlife like ducks or are filming in parks where they do not want to disturb others… the Anafi is winner hands down. Add to that the zoom which is super handy and the much longer run time with real world 25mins vs 20mins with mavic air… anafi wins those too. Finally, $499 purchase price vs. $699 is a big difference.

  2. bltefft

    I can fly the Anafi at my home, which is in one of DJI's NFZ. With my Mavic Air, or Spark, I have to drive 35+ miles from my home to fly them. So, to me the Anafi is my "go-to" drone.

  3. CosmikDebriis

    You seem to have forgotten to mention the DJI sounds like a nest of angry hornets whereas the Anafi is so quiet that you seldom get people looking up at it when filming. Can make for far more natural shots. Neither do you get people complaining that you are disturbing their peace and quiet. BIG plus for the Anafi.

  4. nyb

    I bought a Parrot Bebop 2 and the remote control had serious battery issue out of the box. The process of talking to Parrot and getting an exchange was by far the worst I have experienced in North America. Nobody knows what is going on and nobody knows how their own system works. They simply. don't. know.

    the controller finally came back to me after 2, 3 months and about 50 phone calls, however, by then the parrot drone had flown away and dived into the ocean without any control.

    Competition is good, Parrot definitely is not an adequate competition in my experience.

  5. TheBestGame Reviews

    What point having sensors when they dont work properly we need to be carefull were we fly our drones and no waiting sensor to avoid obstacles ANAFI still impressive hope they correct bugs on its software DJI should drop they price otherway its very expensive and no worth to buy i mean Phantom 4 3 drones no worth 1600 dollars at all many erros and no sensors work properly many people complaining that i also confirm that camera also get scratch if no protected because its situated very down when drone land camera takes dust and scratches from land its no good at all

  6. FryedBurntOut

    Two months ago I made the decision to buy the Anafi- not the Mavic Air. I have been enjoying this Anafi since it arrived! I have a couple of videos up to show how it does. ***If DJI owns the sky- well… not in MY book. I am parking my Phantom 3 advanced, also.

  7. Justin

    It was so very hard not to buy this drone. I really really wanted to buy something that could make the mavic/mavic 2 sweat a little bit, but I just couldn't do it. It's such a unique looking little drone, I love the folding and the gimbal is off the chain…but in the end I had to go DJI.

  8. film NID

    I received my Parrot Anafi one month ago. It works very well. And the way that guy makes its sentences make me think he has some interest in DJI… Like when he says: There's that feature but… is it useful? Like the fact to be able to put the camera up : It's just seems normal that the camera is able to go in all directions no? and the fact that this guy didn't find a way to use that just shows his lack of imagination…

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