1. SpaceViewer ,exe

    I really like the anafi, but I had a looot of trouble with him. He lost controll, crash. I was thinking its was eventually a wi fi signal near of me, but also on grass field he crashed about the 2nd day so he is dead… But I really think he can be a good drone without this fear of the inexplicable fall…

  2. boareserke

    I have the Parrot Anafi – and it is my favourite. Also have the DJI 3 standard, which is a fine working horse but noisy. I love my Parrot – it is stable and QUIET. I live in northern part of Norway and the winter is long and I have flown this bird at temperatures only below O C – at the coldest it was freezing -38 C. A malfunctioning motor was the only problem but the RTH brought the bird safely home. The flaw of the machine in my opinon is that WIFI connection is very often disturbed by local networks and routers… Love that bird!

  3. Paul Thomas

    Thanks a lot for producing that fantastic video. I'm still in the market of looking and I'm gonna take your advice and check them all!
    The fly more package seen the way to go!
    Keep up the good work!

  4. Ron Brown

    Thanks for revisiting this quad after six months. I was very interested in this when it came out, and I'm still interested especially after the price drop. Great video, you sent the record strait on many things concerning the Anafi.

  5. Reconnaissance Squadron

    I have had four Anafis. I still have two. It is a great drone in many ways. I also have a Mavic Pro and a Spark. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses. The Spark is small and fun and is great to fly in the dark. The Anafi is terrible at flying in the dark, it has one light which blinks bright, blinding you and giving you no idea at all about how far away it is or which way it is facing. But the Anafi has a bigger range than the Spark and much longer flight endurance. The zoom facility is wonderful if you film in 1080p, 2.8 times zoom and smooth with it. Whilst the Mavic Pro can zoom in it does it in jerks which are shit, the Anafi zooms in and out smoothly. I find myself stopping recording then zooming in and starting again with the Mavic Pro, with the Anafi you can zoom in and out without a care whenever you get the urge.

    You can get some excellent prop guards for the Anafi which I recommend for flights near people, trees, wildlife or buildings. The prop guards are really cheap and they can be put on and taken off in seconds, which is essential. Prop guards which take two minutes or more to put on won't get put on, or won't get taken off, and you'll end up damaging your drone. When armed with prop guards the Anafi is quiet, stealthy and unthreatening so you can fly it near people and not get negative comments. In contrast a Mavic Air sounds like a circular saw and looks like it wants to sever small children's fingers.

    Whilst my Mavic Pro has a three-axis gimbal and the Anafi has only two this really isn't a big deal. Also the lack of obstacle avoidance isn't a big deal either, once I decided I wanted to buy an Anafi I disabled the obstacle avoidance on my Spark and the improvement in its performance was so good I don't think I have ever switched it back on again yet.

    Another great thing about the Anafi is the size and shape of the batteries, very easy to keep warm in a trouser pocket. Drones often refuse to fly if the battery is cold, the Anafi battery is probably the biggest one which you can slip into a pocket comfortably.

  6. AGRS1974

    Hi mate. What I have read extensively is if the Mavic air had a better transmission it would win hands down but it seems the parrot has a way better camera. I have flown the air. I liked it but that signal issue was a huge concern. Never seen or flown the anafi mind you.

  7. Ethan Mitchell

    The controller is heavy because it has concrete weights in it to help with balance when you have a phone mounted in it. I opened it up. Takes a Torx #6 if your interested. I have done a bunch of videos on the Anafi if your interested. I will be putting out a video tomorrow night comparing the Anafi's FLight plan to DJI Waypoint 2.0.

  8. taike.nobu

    I did not wait for Mavic 2 zoom and switched from Mavic Pro to Anafi back in July and loving its camera since. Over the regular updates, Anafi is more reliable and feature rich now. Highly recommend it for the price.

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