1. João Dias de Carvalho

    Good morning Colski, wishes for a great Sunday! … Excellent video, congratulations, thank you for sharing with us … Best regards … What's new on our channel? I've posted new videos with Anafi and Parrot Disco, I invite you to see … you're always welcome !!!

  2. Dan barb

    What do you mean with there were alot of Anafis falling out from the sky? Is that true? Is it solved?

    This thing looks cheap like hell but i feel somehow more attracted to this than all other small drones on the market because i think the small form factor, low weight, lowe noise and design is brilliant, that is a product that let you fly more because you can have your drone with you all the time unlike the other ones. It created less attention and that is what prevents me often from flying around in the puplic. I had the Phantom1, P2 and finally the P3 and lost the interest in the hobby but the Anafi could bring me back i have to say. The only big downside is the price, for some reason parrot products are always really expensive and even after one year it lost not much. Maybe i have to wait for black friday, i just ordered the Parrot Disco for 280 Euro brand new, this was like 1300 Euro when it was released. I think 350 is the fair price for the Anafi since more and more companies offer good quads like the Fimi X8 or the Hubsan Zino.

    Another good thing about the Anafi is the lightweight design, i somehow have less fear flying a lightweight object because it dont make much damage when falling from the sky.

  3. Chase

    finally picked up one of these and i love it. flew a mavic air in iceland while traveling and it was too loud for my taste. bought mine on the newegg marketplace for $506 all in after a couple of discount promotions they were running. especially excited about using the flight plan mode while i travel next month.

  4. kennethrkuhn

    Excellent video very stabilized camera. What is the distance you get with the Parrot? What do you think of 5G Wi-Fi? I can’t get more than 200 m of video on my SJRCF 11.Thank you. Have a great day.

  5. t5jerry

    TOTALLY agree with your review, I bought 1 of these anaffi's about a month ago, I had NEVER owned ANY type of r/c aircraft before buying this, so it was quite a steep learning curve for a 59 year bloke, took it to a local park, used the geofencing feature and "gradually" increased the height and distance, I'm now "reasonable" at flying it, but not in your league ! I've crashed this at least 7 or 8 times, and apart from a bit of super glue and a few replacement blades, it's still flying perfectly and has brought me and my family HOURS of fun…..best 500 quid I've EVER spent !!!!!

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