Parrot Anafi! A Drone that CAN LOOK UP! Unboxing and Initial Impressions!

Today we’re talking about the brand new Parrot Anafi! Its a drone that can look up! How crazy is that? Lets get it unboxed and talk about my initial impressions over this tiny drone.

The Parrot Anafi!

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23 Replies to “Parrot Anafi! A Drone that CAN LOOK UP! Unboxing and Initial Impressions!”

  1. Hike'n RV

    Appreciated the first looks….general sense from most folks seems to be the video quality about the same as the MA, but this drone is lighter, far less noise and recent firmware updates seem to have corrected most initial quirks. Still no obstacle avoidance of course (no sensors). You are brave to test a new drone over flat water (!) though apparently this does better than most drones in that environment. Will be very interested in your thoughts once you have flown for a while. Always enjoy your videos!

  2. B Drones

    Parrot announce sales of new drone way below expected! Really though $700 no obstacle avoidence and not many features. Would not buy price will drastically drop shortly after dji announcement most agree price should be no higher than $400 which is still a little high but is acceptable otherwise your better with mavic air

  3. AR 23

    Anifi with control over geofencing 100mb camera with timelapse and slowmo in app, EACH of the drone’s legs contains a dual-band antenna that extends the flight range up to 2.5mi, I don't trust the OA stuff in DJI, line of sight is best, I have a spark and the air is nice but its dji and the apps NFZ is a pain in the butt…I like to be in control so this is the only drone that will make me give up the spark and step up, when you have a GPS fail and fly away you will understand, being in control beats automation everytime.

  4. legendp2011

    I mean technically the go pro drone could look up………….although it also apparently fell out of the sky (they say they've fixed that). my personal pick is still a mavic platinum or wait for the mavic 2

  5. jocedeg

    I'll have to look at another review, i guess, if I want actual useful info… and, by the way: calm down a little. You don't have to be as spastic and annoying as all the other vloggers. Just be yourself, dude. Cut on the energy drinks.

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