Parrot Airborne Cargo MiniDrone – Surprisingly EASY To Fly – TheRcSaylors

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Though we spent more time updating the app and the drone itself than flying, the Parrot Airborne Cargo MiniDrone almost ended up flying itself! It really amazed both myself and Abby when it took off, and then just stayed there!! Most of the time, little drones like to drift around a bit, even when they are zeroed in on trimming, however this Parrot Drone just Locked Right In! We think this RC would be just awesome as a first quadcopter for anyone of any age. You’ll just need a decent mobile device to operate it!

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40 Replies to “Parrot Airborne Cargo MiniDrone – Surprisingly EASY To Fly – TheRcSaylors”

  1. paul annon

    i have the mambo and the swing. with the fly pad controller… got the swing with 2 batterys becouse i got it all for less then the fly pad woukd cost me.. love the mambo to nasty to fly the swing much yet

  2. Freaky Fast RC

    I have the Parrot rolling spider, the thing is awesome !!!!!! I've never flown anything using my iPhone so it took a lil getting use to. And some YouTube vids to learn the controls. Great video guys, keep up the good work !!!!!

  3. Roger Cunningham

    I work at lowes and bought one of these on clearance for 16 dollars. it's fun to fly out doors as you can adjust the altitude limits and it goes over 30 feet high. I also adjusted the speed controls and it's way fast! I just seem to have issues getting it to connect to my phone at times

  4. Heiple2007

    Absolutely amazing stability. Wow. When your hand went under the quad you were interfacing with the sonar function I'm thinking. Too bad its' Wi-Fi only. Like to have one with  a traditional transmitter. Nice review guys. Jeff

  5. probsty13

    little late to the party again but figured i had to see what you guys were up to before i go to bed. awesome drone. i hope we get to see it again. and that was some of the nicest flying by abby as well

  6. OpCzar

    This one needs a second look. The amazon listing shows that it can do flips and has a camera facing down built into its belly. It appears strong enough to carry a cargo-lift made of lego as well. I would have done anything to have this as a kid!

  7. mikeTECH

    Can we all take a moment to acknowledge the pilot switch WAS NOT involving handing the phone to him?! Haha. ??
    Just set the controls down. walked away and it did just fine. ??

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