Paper Mario: The Origami King – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)

Is Paper Mario: The Origami King a return to form, or is it destined to be a Sticker Star 2? Find out in our in-depth review that covers the new battle system, world map structure, story, partner characters, boss fights, humor, & tons more, including comparisons to Thousand Year Door and Color Splash! All this and more in our in-depth Paper Mario: The Origami King on Nintendo Switch!


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45 Replies to “Paper Mario: The Origami King – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)”

  1. EvanJack06

    Yeah, the toads, treasures and not so bottomless holes are quite annoying, but most of the time you dont even need to find them, personally, as a completionist, I found them all and got 100% in the game, and the best part was that I had a ton of fun finding them as it just gave me more to do in this amazing game, I remember completing the story and then realising that I was nowhere near completing the game as I still had a ton of treasures, toads and not so bottomless holes to find, though I will admit there were a few times where getting some of these collectibles was quite annoying, im looking at you fishing, but most of the time I had a ton of fun finding these and ill definitely have to play it again in a year or two.

  2. Pvz garden warfare Peashooter

    I haven't played a paper Mario game since Sticker star because that was the first and final game i played before origami king. I wanted to play color splash too but i heard it was the worst paper Mario game so i didn't buy it. I never was a fan of the paper Mario series but i think i'm starting to be a fan because of this game. People who say thousand year door is the best, prove me wrong on saying THIS is the best paper Mario game

  3. DarkAnomaly

    Beautiful game but I had to stop playing it because of the dreadful Battle System. It's the most
    monotonous I have ever played in a game in a long time, what they were thinking of turning each battle into a stupid sliding puzzle game is beyond me. Just wish they'd listen to people and give them what they've been asking for, an XP system and now a Battle System that was perfectly ok before.

    Jesus Christ :/

  4. Jay Dursley

    After finishing this game I can safely say this game is a mix of Super Paper Mario and Color Splash.
    The puzzles are fun and there's a sense of progression on enemies of lower caliber it's not exactly exp but it makes it where you can attack a enemy and kill it in the overworld instead of having to do a speedy puzzle against lower enemies that you fight over and over.
    I haven't finished Color Splash yet so I can't say much about humor but the battling mechanics are far more superior in Orgiami King from what I have witnessed in Color Splash
    The sense of Adventure felt most prominent in Origami King and the Character's personalities weren't as dry as a Popeye's biscuit as in CS
    I had fun playing Origami King I find playing Color Splash as a chore that I try to avoid.
    This is the 3rd Paper Mario game I have played other than Color Splash and Super so I am not too experinced with the rpg turn base in the original 2
    I would give it 8/10
    Made this comment because I have a different opinion than the reviewer on this video
    Would like a port of TTYD and Paper Mario on the switch so I can try them but I think that's unlikely

  5. Big A's Diecast

    Great video my friend! Count me in as a loyal subscriber. Keep the videos coming, I really enjoy your content. Take care and God bless you and your loved ones during these challenging times my friend. 👋😃

  6. Chicken Noodle Gamer

    Anyone notice how Andre rated color splash higher than this game? That shouldn't be the case. I enjoyed color splash but origami king is better in every way. Even though color splash had more frequent comedy, origami king holding that back a little makes the comedic moments more funny, especially since origami king focuses more on actual events other then "haha the worlds paper"

  7. CyndaSoul

    The story of this game is insanely good. The battles and boss battles have unique concepts making the battling challenging and to attack they don’t require dumb stickers of paint, they have durability which is way better. Yes people are hating on the coins but there’s so much to buy in the game that it honestly kinda matters. The graphics look amazing for a paper Mario game even though they aren’t allowed to use old characters in their games now for Nintendo reasons. Even with the little amount they are given they did really good. Don’t judge anything without doing it

  8. Ra-Music

    Just finished the game and I am finally able to watch all these reviews out there. Have to say, I disagree on a lot of points here (which is ok). I for one liked the Vellumental fights and I didn't have a problem at all with the many different options on the board. I just felt, that almost every aspect of the game (apart from the bossfights, which I always looked forward to) was underdeveloped. The fighting system has so much potential, the accessories felt tacked on and a weak excuse in place of an experience system. Olly didn't have much character-development and I found Olivia quite boring honestly. That paint-can in Color Splash was way funnier. Butthe game has outstanding moments, which in my mind makes it all worthwhile. Good game all in all.

  9. Paper Luigi

    If they want to have an RPG-like mechanic but not go full RPG, for the next game, instead of EXP, have a Skill Tree where you use coins to unlock panels (similar to Yakuza 0) that give you benefits like increased stats (sans HP, that can be increased in a similar manner to this game), special moves, abilities like a slight autoheal, and more.

  10. Serouj Ghazarian

    Chapter 4's setting even has the same name as Wind Waker's setting (the great sea) and even has a small nod to its series to (Trials of Power , Courage , and Wisdom , the same 3 names of the triforce pieces)

  11. ThatOneGodzillaFan

    I’m not gonna rant about why I don’t like this game, cause I’m sure everyone has already heard that story, but can someone please explain why Nintendo refuses to do what the fans want? It could make them lots of money. Look at smash. People asked for Banjo, we got Banjo and everyone was hyped and likely bought the pass if they didn’t already. I’m sure there is a reason Nintendo is doing this.

  12. Lex Ryan

    I dunno Andre, just beat the game, and I beat all but one boss on the first try, and that was the rubber band, just took slightly too long figuring out the gimmick, not even a vullimental, AND I'm terrible at this circle puzzle thing; there was hardly ever enough time! AND AND, it wasn't until like 3/4 if the way through the game I realized you could switch from ring rotating to line shifting during boss battles too; no idea why I assumed I couldn't! Lol. Just always pick up the hearts cuz they healed a ton, and blocked attacks with the huge and generous block window.

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