23 Replies to “Panasonic 2015 Smart TV System Review”

  1. Tuberface

    dear how can u share your iphone sarari screen on this tv i cant find a way to do that. please could u tell me ple how to go from my phone on safari or google and direct to go on a tv.

  2. dan waite

    I brought a panasonic 55 Smart tv in 2016 for £1,400 the app store is pitiful and useless, no eurosport player, All 4, & ITV Hub doesn't connect…… I recently brought a cheaper Samsung smart 55 for £600 and damn that is good. I have all the above apps and more!! I will only buy Samsung now..

  3. Ben

    Great Video . Thanks for taking the time to make it.

    I have a Panasonic Cx Tv from 2015.
    How do I install say Google Chrome on it or any other app that's not in the sub menu?

  4. nthhawke

    does anyone know if it is possible to get access to all apps. I have a new Panasonic 4k tv in Australia, but I do not have access to the Amazon Video App as its not on the marketplace. I think the TV has region specific firmware which is the issue. Is there any way of installing another regions firmware? Would that work?

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