P.T – Demo Walkthrough Part 1 PS4 Horror Gameplay [HD]

PT Demo for PS4 which is actually called Sillent Hills starring Norman Reedus aka Daryl Dixion, announced at Gamescom, here is a walkthrough of the demo which can be tricky!

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40 Replies to “P.T – Demo Walkthrough Part 1 PS4 Horror Gameplay [HD]”

  1. Candice Dodd

    Every time I watch someone play PT.. I always notice something different from the last time I watched… like the part where the radio is playing and it said “I said look behind you” that’s fuckin scary!

    Also, the paintings on the wall are all blurred over time as the game progresses.. so chillin!

  2. ScottTheBot

    fellas if u ever wanna scare the shit outta someone, text someone who doesnt have ur number (so they dont know who u r) at like 12 but make sure theyre awake and alone and just say "dont look behind you". trust me its horrifying.

  3. Pedro Ordepo

    Also, a teenager modded this demo of PT to make it free for people to play… Konami's response… removed it for copyright reasons and invited him to take an internship in their corporate shell company.

  4. Pedro Ordepo

    I guess Konami felt that the final Product Silent Hills would of been too amazing. Instead… get ready for MOBILE HILLS, you play some guy running through a house of microtransactions. Each door a transaction, will you solve the mystery of haunted place… or go bankrupt before reaching the first floor, let the game begin.

  5. Jlo

    whats up guys its your average video commentator here again i am gonna put the game volume down and my voice up, so i can act fake scared and over exaggerate when ever a jump scare scares me

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