Overview: Samsung NU8000 Series 4k LED TV – UN55NU8000

This is our overview of the Samsung NU8000 series televisions. We used the UN55NU8000 for our video but they come in several sizes. For more details and current pricing email us at websales@abt.com or click the links below:

UN55NU8000 (55in):

UN65NU8000 (65in):

UN82NU8000 (82in):

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36 Replies to “Overview: Samsung NU8000 Series 4k LED TV – UN55NU8000”

  1. Cameron Strickland

    This doesn’t have a refresh rate of 240hz it has a motion rate of 240 which is the equivalent to 120hz. Divide the motion rate by 2 to get the refresh rate (hz). Hertz (hz) is also known as frames per second (FPS).

  2. Baz king

    Samsung UE55NU8070 55" LED TV my dad bought this in Ireland is this the NU8000 just with a different name because of the region where it was bought as I am trying to find a Tv set up video and had no luck.In the USA the Sony 900E is called the Sony XE9005 in the UK for example.

  3. Christopher Dunn

    This is not marketed as 240hrz, The 49” is 60hrz and the 55 and above sizes are 120hrz..
    And just to let people know , you will not find any tv with 240hrz, if adverised as 240 then its a lie..

  4. S H

    I've got external speakers I want to connect to the 65 in. Does anyone know if the TV remote will control the volume on the speakers in-line with the TV volume?

  5. Solution department

    Plz brother make a video with samsung nu8000 vs sony x9000f with side by side display comparison….and must play same colorfull vdo with samsumg dynamic mode and sony vivid mode….it will be verry much helpfull for us spacally mine

  6. alihassan alihassan

    i purchased today 55NU8000, I am very Glad .
    Now i connect my PC (2K ) which has Nvidia Graphic Card GeForce 9400GT (Older) , which has maximum resolution 1080P 60 Hertz , Display look fine on my NU8000 , but the problem is i have only two options in picture mode ( Standard & Dynamic ) but NO (Movie & Natural Mode ) and also when i checked in Standard Mode , HDR is also Grayed means i cannot select it . strangely i have already enabled HDMI UHD COLOR all ports . and play 4K video on my PC to send signal of HDR content but TV doesn’t recognized and unable to switch HDR Mode .

  7. Shawnn Kalon

    Hi nice and detailed review.
    But for a layman who watches tv in a good light room and mostly straight sitting , which one is better SAMSUNG UA75NU8000 or
    SONY X8500F.
    I mostly watch movies and sports on tv .
    Please do let me no

  8. fhhsvnggbh

    These are shit, im sorry samsung but even the label is slapped on like no one gave a shit. Mine fell on the floor and smashed because the stupid pedestal broke. But im not going to bother dealing with idiotic samsung EVER AGAIN!

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