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A playthrough of Interplay’s 1992 cinematic action-adventure game for the Super Nintendo, Out of this World.

For those of you not in North America, it was called Another World in Europe and Outer World in Japan.

Out of this World was a pretty eye-opening game when it first released on the Amiga in 1991, doing things that were generally thought impossible at the time. Instead of then standard 2D graphics, OotW used bitmaps only for the backgrounds, and all of the animated objects are 3D, rendered in real-time with vectors and animated using rotoscoping techniques (as was seen in Mechner games like Prince of Persia and The Last Express). Though it looks a bit crude compared to modern stuff, full-screen cinematics in 3D running at a reasonably fast framerate were unheard of, and it was breathtaking in action. It still looks awfully good largely thanks to the strength and consistency of the art design.

It plays well too. The controls are very similar to Prince of Persia (as well as Ootw’s spiritual successors Flashback and Heart of Darkness), in that they’re extremely smooth and movements are well articulated, though to someone not familiar with this style, they might seem unresponsive or laggy. It doesn’t take much time to adapt, though.

I should also mention that it’s quite difficult. Sure, it’s quick to run through like I do here in no time if you know it by heart, but as a kid I spent weeks playing and figuring stuff out before I got to the end. It’s just as much a puzzle game as it is an action one, and the combo suits it well. It was critically acclaimed when it was new, and it’s seen a number of releases and rereleases over the years, but the core game endures pretty well.

Even more impressive than the PC versions at the time (would you believe it came on a single floppy? And the Dos version only required 640k of memory!) was the 16-bit console ports. Granted, the SNES version’s frame rate wasn’t as smooth and you had fairly frequent load times, but this was faithfully smashed onto a 8mbit cartridge for a console with a fraction of the power that the target computers ran it with.

It’s an acquired taste (duh, it’s French), but this early 90s technological, cinematic tour-de-force is still an impressive piece of work that everyone should experience at least once.

No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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29 Replies to “Out of this World (SNES) Playthrough – NintendoComplete”

  1. Toxic Shock

    The music and character movements remind me of Jordan Mechner's Karateka and
    Prince of Persia. Did someone rip someone off? I don't think Jordan ever worked
    for Interplay. Maybe, who knows, long time ago.

  2. dcsoda1

    Don’t know if I’ve been more passed off after finishing a game as this one. Very interesting review, but I’m happy to never go back to this world ever again.

  3. Eep386

    I wouldn't expect anything less from ol' Rebecca 'Burger' Heineman.

    The story behind this port is quite a fascinating and entertaining one, where Brian Fargo (then-CEO of Interplay) kept thwarting the game spec in the interest of cost reduction, just as Rebecca had gotten it to a reasonably working state. First to go was the super FX chip (which allowed the game to easily hit 60 FPS), then a save SRAM (which an interesting programming trick involving DMA could make it act like a super-fast line draw buffer for 30 FPS), and then even 3.6MHz-capable ROM chips.

    So Rebecca had to make do with the 50-cents cheaper 'slow' ROMs… and used the DMA registers in the SNES graphics chip as a surrogate 32-byte SRAM to get the framerate up to an acceptable speed. (This game apparently makes no great usage of DMA otherwise, so the repurposing of the DMA registers for this trick had no ill effect apart from savaging early SNES emulators. :P)

    Source: https://fabiensanglard.net/another_world_polygons_SNES/index.html

  4. Nathan Schroyer

    I would have never figured any of this out. I got so far and just scratched my head. Even watching this nothing makes any sense as why you would do something. Such a confusing game but at the time this was an amazing game even though nearly impossible to beat due to how nothing having any logical reasoning.

  5. drag0nfly_girl

    I never played this but found the video for my husband who was talking about a game he played a long time ago on Nintendo that he thought was called something like "Otherworld". As soon as the first second of the video started playing he got super excited & said "This is it!" He was like a kid again, lol.

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