Orqa FPV ONE. Best FPV Goggles in the world for drone pilots? ?

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Could these become the best FPV goggles in the world? Here’s what the Orqa FPV team, creators of the FPV One videos goggles had to say.

Joshua Bardwell’s interview:

Orqa FPV:

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22 Replies to “Orqa FPV ONE. Best FPV Goggles in the world for drone pilots? ?”

  1. I. V.

    I love that there is a competitor. Finally. I don't like that they're black. I think they will get really hot in the sun, maybe even effect performance. I'm not sold on the form factor, that point, not a deal breaker if they perform, but they look bulky for a Goggle claiming to be compact. I think they could cut down on cost of they scraped the proximity sensor idea. It's a good idea, but if you think about it, you forget to turn off your Google's and where are they? They're on your head or around your neck. I don't know that they'd turn off? All in all, if they're better than hdo's, if get a pair.

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