Original Xbox Console Retrospective – A Look Back

The original Xbox gaming console did many things right, and a few things poorly. I look back at this classic retro console to give my opinion on just how well Microsoft did with their first console release!
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43 Replies to “Original Xbox Console Retrospective – A Look Back”

  1. Jonathan Bell

    I remember seeing the Xbox One in a glass case at Cosco when it first came out and thinking how amazing it looked. Still one of the best looking consoles ever. I also remember seeing a magazine cover (don't remember which, maybe Wired), with the headline "Microsoft's Secret Weapon." So weird. Feels like yesterday.

  2. ¿

    I used to have all my eminem albums uploaded on my xbox n would listen to them, playing project gothem (hella good game, way better than the newer ones) and gta3 haha. good times, great system

  3. zpushy633 Sora

    I found the Halo Special Edition Xbox from Amazon for $169 + 4.99 Shipping (that one's my Favorite) it comes with the Xbox Controller S (I don't like that one at all) Component Cables (which I Already have) and the Power Cable (which I also Already have) I Decided to pick it up because it's See Through Green and it was Originally Released in 2004 so I can't wait to Order it from Amazon when I get it I'll make a Video of it and Upload it here PS the Halo Special Edition Xbox is my Personal Favorite Console I prefer that one over the Original Black one

  4. zpushy633 Sora

    I owned the Original Xbox since December 6th 2015 I love it because it has awesome games, a built-in hard drive, and lot of Sega exclusives what I like about the console is it has awesome graphics (Xbox always has the best graphics) I show the Xbox alot of love and appreciation I own 32 games as of May 2017 I love the Original Xbox I love it I love it I love it I love it

  5. Dave Page

    Going through some old videos, and it's amazing to see how so much about this channel has stayed the same, yet so much has drastically improved. It occurred to me I've been watching for at least this long-geez 8+ years already? Where does the time go???

  6. Gone

    hey hey hang on nobody talks bad about the duke, i do not care what anyone says that controller is beautiful 😛

    even though its as big as a game box

  7. herohunter81

    I remember me and my little brother had a choice at Christmas between Xbox and PS2. We took a chance and weren’t disappointed. Halo was groundbreaking, Morrowind showed me what a game could be and KOTOR was my life. I like the Duke. A lot of games that I wanted came out on PS2 but later came to Xbox so that sucked. Looking back most multiplats are best played on the green monster. I would argue with my PS2 friends about how my Xbox had better graphics. Talking about light, shadows, textures, fur shaders, you know, stuff I knew nothing about lol. What great console.

  8. Pedro Fleck

    Here in Brazil it also sold poorly (like nobody even knew it), GameCube sold a lot more but obviously PS2 was the winner. After the 360 Microsoft support in Brazil became great and 360 and One are the most sold consoles of their generations

  9. Mr. SEA

    I find it unfair to place a PS2 slim on top of the original xbox…especially since some slim models had an external power brick. The first Xbox was buying both the gpu(NVidia) and cpu(intel) for it's boxes, thus it had no control on die shrinkage, thus was not benefitting from reduced chipset sizes and cost savings. Meaning, even though, the xbox prices went down, they were not producing the hardware cheaper, simply losing more money per console, unlike Sony's PS2. To this day, relationships with Nvidia have not been the best and that's why AMD has been MS's partner for gpu technology on later consoles. In the early 2000's I was a PC gamer, who migrated to the Xbox path due to split-screen couch co-op experiences with friends. The most annoying thing about this generation was that multiplats ran smoother, much smoother on Xbox and would usually 480p, but they were limited PS2 graphics with no visual enhancements…they were simply PS2 graphic ports. Here was a machine, that was over 200 percent more powerful than a PS2, with double the ram and only exclusives would show off the abilities. I was actually staggered to see games such as Doom 3 and Halflife 2for the system, for these games brought most PC hardware to its knees. There were several games that were not ported to PS2 that were on Xbox, simply because the PS2 would not remotely be able to run them. Also, some Xbox only games were ported over, but at lower resolutions with less details. I own all consoles, but absolutely loved my original Xbox.

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