Original Xbox Clock Capacitor Removal: Remove It B

****NOTE*** Xboxs with version 1.6 motherboards CANNOT do this and do not have to look for it either. Only other versions.

If you are experiencing trouble with your xbox resetting or other problems related to clock settings than this is something you should do on your xbox right away.Even if it is working properly you should inspect and remove this component asap.

One very good thing to do would also be to replace any and all other leaky caps on the board when you open it up clean out the disk drive and lubricate it. Put new fresh thermal compound on the cpu and gpu and REMOVE the clock capacitor located in the bottom left corner near the controller ports. It is a capacitor marked 2.5v 1uf and is the root of the lack of the clock time working in your xbox. Although this could be replaced and even modified to fit a coin cell battery, the first thing should be to remove this old cap from the board.

After removing the cap, what will happen? The answer is you will not notice any change from before except that every time you start up your system it will say to input the date and time, something the system does already as it is.

What happens if I leave it in? you will risk having the leaky acid eat through your motherboard and destroy the system eventually

What do I do if I see leaky acid or white/green color liquid around the capacitor? First remove the capacitor (2 ways shown in the video) then, using a q-tip with some Vinegar or Lemon Juice on the end, wipe around the affected area several times and let dry. After, test the system. If everything works out ok then you are set, if things are not changing than you may have a couple of eaten traces and will need to patch them.

Hopefully this will help you with keeping your xbox running a bit smoother for a little bit longer.

Big thank you to iDavidP for mentioning this subject as it can be easily forgotten and an unknown secret killer that destroys your xbox.

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  1. Mark James

    For acid leaks you should use sodium bicarbonate/baking soda, leave it exposed on the board for about 5 minutes then use Isopropanol alcohol (IPA) after to clean that up, the bicarb will stop any acidic chemical reaction that may have penetrated below the traces into the PCB fabrication and stop any additional damage.
    Boards in the 1980's and early 90's are easy to replace any damaged traces, more modern hardware is a little more difficult to replace traces on depending on the trace route and the number of layers damaged.
    I use this method on Amiga hardware and it works every time.

  2. will smith

    merci merci cette aide a sauvé ma console (le capacitor fuyait) !!! thanks thanks this help saved my console (the capacitor was leaking) XBOX V1.3 05/2003………

  3. NS Ghostbusters

    My OG Xbox is from 2002 and the games have bizarre issues when I play them. could it be the capacitor? The time settings all work fine. its just some of my games do dumb shit. (The discs are all in very good condition.)

  4. zpushy633 Sora

    For those who don't know: Later Model Xboxes such as the 2004 and 2005 Revisions were made better such as the Disc Drive Runs better while Early Model Xboxes such as the 2001, 2002, and 2003 Revisions have Issues such as the Disc Drive makes Noises when you 1st turn it on I personally think the 2004 and 2005 Model Xboxes were made better in my Opinion because they run better than the Early Models just because for those ones can have Issues my Personal Favorite Xbox Console is the Halo Special Edition Xbox because it was Originally Released in 2004 I prefer that over the Original Black one becaus it's see through green and I'm a big Fan of see through Xbox Controllers and see through PS2 Controllers even though the whole style of see through is not in style anymore but I remember back then those were the Bomb back when I 1st Started Gaming back in 2004 and 2005 PS this coming January 17th (my 21st Birthday) It'll be 14 Years I've been Gaming so I've been Gaming pretty much my whole entire life from January 17th 2005 (my 7th Birthday) to every single day for the past 13 1/2 (almost 14) Years I'm gonna keep Gaming for as long as can which means I'm not gonna stop Gaming anytime soon because its my Favorite thing that's what it is

  5. Erik DeWitt

    DEFINITELY remove it on all 1.5 and below, 1.6 xbox version has a much BETTER capacitor akin to most others used by quality companies (I have 2- 1.6 xboxes and both capacitors are in excellent shape, the one 1.0 I got at Goodwill…blown and leaked)…and will last the normal time (ALL capacitors DO fail eventually, its just the cheap brand Microsoft used on 1.0-1.5 revisions went MUCH faster then others, leading to these disasters on motherboard you hear about in under 10 years from manufacture date). One thing to note if you decide to remove it from the 1.6 and not replace, the xbox wont start up unless you inject some code into a bios file I believe, 1.5 and below work fine with it missing. I actually just replaced mine in the 1.0 since its a 2$ piece from Digikey.com (1 Farrad/ 2.5V supercap).

  6. Gameplay rush

    Robertão meu amigo adimiro muito seu trabalho meu brother!! mas uma coisinha o capacitor que vc está mandando arrancar não é esse grande ai não e sim o que eatá na lateral dele pois ele ainda está ai nessa placa revise ai meu amigo e retire ele e coloque o grande devolta

  7. Bart Vink

    Quick question. In both the older and 1.6 versions, couldn't you just use a recharchable battery to solder onto the MB? I'm planning on fixing both my OG Xboxes in the near future, and allthough 105 C capacitors aren't so expensive here, I'm just wondering if I could cut out the middle man and end up with a system that has both the faulty caps removed AND doesn't reset the time and date after 6 days of unplugged inactivity.

  8. laura jones

    Great video, I did this mod, it's easy to do and stops the console from being a ticking time bomb that will go off one day.

    I had very little acid leakage out of v1.2 Xbox. I burst open the capacitor once removed and it was odd smell from the acid inside, kinda fruity and sweet. Cleaned up the board just incase and washed the metallic tray the components sit inside. The Drive on mine is a Samsung, I am determined to keep this one in top condition as they are the best drives.

  9. bondspy

    Hi there, thank you for this. Youtube suggested this video to me and this is the first time learning of a problem with the Xbox clock capacitor. I have 4 Xbox's, I should probably look through these! I'd like to learn how to solder so I can remove these properly. lol Thank you again!

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