Oppo Reno 4 vs Huawei Nova 7 SE – Features or Specs?

We compared the Oppo Reno 4 and Huawei Nova 7 SE, side by side, we also tested their battery capacity, charging, performance, we tried to play heavy-duty games on both devices and the results are impressive and satisfying. Reno 4 cost P18,990 while Nova 7 SE is priced at P19,990 which is a better buy?

Oppo Reno 4 Specs:
Nova 7 SE Specs:

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50 Replies to “Oppo Reno 4 vs Huawei Nova 7 SE – Features or Specs?”

  1. Jeff Zamora

    Bought Reno 4 two days ago without even knowing anything about it (kinda silly right?). But before, in this phone segment, Huawei made more noise as it was advertised by agents and more visual paraphernalia like posters etc..so my eyes were set to Nova 7SE. But an agent showed me her Reno 4 and said this is a better phone (made me curious) and I only saw that 2 camera front setup and that super AMOLED and I quickly decided for Reno 4.

    Now my mind is blown away! This has better features than Nova 7SE (imho). Quick charging, and efficient power consumption, air jestures, privacy features, security features, and much more. It has more unique capabilities in all mid-range devices. The camera is superb. In fact, I saw a video all done with Reno 4 cam and that was awesome! Here is the link.


    You can never go wrong with Reno 4.

  2. RoiF

    In this Camera Test panalo si Oppo Reno 4, pero mas lamang lang sya ng konti, there are shots na over-exposed si Oppo Reno4 na nababawasan ang details at sharpness and a bit saturated, on the other hand medyo mas mataas ang contrast ni Huawei though it looks sharper, there are video shots na mas mukhang natural sya kay Oppo pero mas lamang sa Dynamic range si Oppo camera pictures. I will still go to 7 SE kasi in time maiiwanan nya si Oppo due to software update at optimization. Sa hardware capability nya mas may advantage na si 7 SE mas powerful yung chipsets nya ready at more future proof. On the other hand elegant looking parin si Oppo at for this match panalo sya kay 7SE.

  3. Jessa Gentica

    I am debating getting oppo reno 4 or Huawei nova 7 SE good thing i saw this recommendation video,and now i am decided getting oppo reno 4.Thank you for the comparison on both phone 🙂 God bless!

  4. Night Owl

    i dont get why oppo reno 4 won in battery life. almost every comparison videos and reviews say the reno 4 barely gets through an entire day. in STR's review, it made it halfway through on a single charge while nova 7 se lasted much longer.
    In Sulit Tech Reviews' PC Benchmark, Oppo Reno 4 only lasted some 8hrs and 30 mins while Huawei Nova 7 SE lasted a much longer 16hrs of 1080p video loop, and was made 2 days later from when this video was made ( STR said that it may have a software issue but still, my point still stands). i also think you skimmed on the processors of the 2 devices. Huawei's 2020 Kirin 820 is much faster and the latest midrange processor of huawei, with 5g and an antutu score of over 350k-380k over 2019 qualcomm snapdragon 720g's antutu score of 260k-270k. and usually the latest midrange smartphones of 2020 have antutu scores over 300k. in this department, you are guaranteed to have a much smoother experience on huawei nova 7 se and this is based on tech reviewers i watched over the past few weeks. this might not mean much for an average user, but for heavy users like me, they do. i also find the comparison of the two devices' multi task quite a bit unfair as shooting a video with a floating tab of a browser, watching youtube is guaranteed to have minor lags on nova 7 se compared to just using split screen to use 2 applications on the reno 4.

  5. Lizcel Manese

    I pre ordered oppo reno4. This review has made me think that I made the right choice. Haha! Even though I still don't have the phone itself, these are the good things I noticed about reno4 :
    1. Amoled screen
    2. Glass like back and at the same time matte
    3. Anti spy technology
    4. Camera features
    Things that could have been improved related to its price
    1. The chipset. 720g. At this price point, I think it would have been better if it was 765g.
    2. Refresh rate should have been 90hz
    3. Mega pixel count should still have been 64mp but again it's still not about the numbers.
    4. 5g network. For the future


    hello im new subscriber and tiningnan kopo lahat ng vid nyo and may napansin po ako review nyo sa redmi note 9 and ang ganda po ng pagkaka exolain thankyouu po and tanong lang po if bibili po ako ng rn9 yung 3gb ram/64gb makakapag luve strem po ba ako doon and creen record?sana masagot nyo po tanong ko

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