7 Replies to “openHAB & Z-Wave”

  1. belovictor

    Bugster 1985, I'm running openHAB on Raspy.
    Aman Patel, I use Aeon Z-Wave stick.
    geek4d, Z-wave is currently in development and we have alpha version of binding working. Here you will find details on it in a link to Z-Wave feature request in this video description!

  2. geek4d

    I too am curious about your communication setup. OpenHAB doesn't list any drivers/modules for Z-Wave. I am thinking about using the Aeon Labs Z-Stick S2. Cheers

  3. Aman Patel

    Hi, I have a question. openHAB is running on Raspberry. How is it communicating with z-wave protocol? What USB hardware are you using to send z-wave signals to the switch? Are drivers for this usb stick easily available and installable with instructions on openHAB setup/install? Please let me know!

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