openHAB Install overview – Alternative to smartthings and home assistant

openhab install, backup overview, upgrade and restore your openHAB2 smart home automation system and what I use to edit configuration videos! openHAB2 is an open source home automation system. Connect openHAB to google home hub or use mqtt devices or services like ifttt.

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Visit –

—- All the Items I use all the time for my Smart Home Automation —-
Raspberry Pi –
Raspberry Pi Starter Kit –
Smartthings V2 HUB –
Wink Hub –
Vera Hub –

—- Aeotec ZWave Sensors —–
Z-Stick Gen5 –
Water Sensor 6 –
Smart Switch 6 –
Smart Dimmer –
WallMote Quad –

—-My Camera Video Gear —-
Sony A6500 –
Smallrig Cage for Sony A6500 –
Sony 10-18mm Wide-Angle Zoom Lens –
Rode VideoMic –

11 Replies to “openHAB Install overview – Alternative to smartthings and home assistant”

  1. BK Hobby

    yoyoTech – I’m paranoid about backing up my config before every time I change anything – but for me, it’s as simple as zipping up/copying off the contents of the openhab-conf directory, with all of the text configuration files…I wonder if I’m missing anything by not using the dedicated backup scripts…

  2. Jared Godwin

    That code editor is great thanks for showing it, so much easier than doing it manually.

    Are you VNC-ing into your pi and working on the desktop? I wanted to do that but saw that it was frowned upon in the instructions so I never did it. If it works I'd like to use it to update as you have.

  3. James Kerns Jr.

    Good video! Isn't there a new editor built into OH now? It seems like blasphemy using a Microsoft product to edit OH config especially if it's running on Linux like it should be! Ps..the 3 commercials including Rover are a bit much for such a short video.

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