openHAB Install on Windows | Smart Home Automation Control Hub

See how I setup and install openhab 2 on a microsoft windows computer. From the Java install, to installing openhab, running it as a service, and accessing the machine using SSH. See what bindings come default with the most recent version of openhab2.

Your home control hub will be complete using services like smartthings, ifttt, and devices lifx, hue and sonos with openhab2 installed on Microsoft windows.

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ZWAVE Dongle –
ZWAVE Motion Sensor –
ZWAVE WallMote –
ZWAVE Water Sensor –

—- Don’t feel like doing it yourself —-
Raspberry Pi –
Raspberry Pi Starter Kit –
Smartthings HUB –
Wink Hub –
Vera Hub –

—- My Camera Video Gear —-
Sony A6500 –
Smallrig Cage for Sony A6500 –
Sony 10-18mm Wide-Angle Zoom Lens –
Rode VideoMic –

14 Replies to “openHAB Install on Windows | Smart Home Automation Control Hub”

  1. yoyoTech

    This one is a little bit longer, but a bunch of people have been asking for a windows install demo and I decided it was time for me to give it a try. Hope you like, planning on habPanel, but let me know what you would like to see next!

  2. Xaranthos

    So, OpenHAB still usese Java 8 in 2019?? Wow… "Java will never bother you again" ??? Really? How about the reason for upgrading it, like… hmmm.. Maby SECURITY?
    I'm really feeling like OpenHAB is not the way to go when it depends on Java, even Oracle is trying to get ridd of it…. And that is saying some…

  3. Angela Fiebelkorn

    I enjoy your videos. I have no computer background but enjoy your explanations. I'm exploring what things i might want for home automation. I am contemplating a NAS. Will a Google home mini or comparable devices pull things from a NAS if i had one?

  4. CarMazz

    again, PLEASE I do not populate CONTROLS in openhab. Yes, I add Lifx and Sonos as things, put into inBox, but no automatic controls created. I have install per video & documentation 3 times. Only difference is the "system variable" in the video vs in the Docs. My version matched the video (zulu8… not javajdk 1.8.0 as in the docs) In the file folder, I do not see any updated to files either. Does this mean anything?? Please help, I won't be able to try rules or habPanel until I get past this issue. Thx

  5. Jorge Rzezak

    You are doing a very nice job!
    In the meantime before trying openHAB I will buy some stuff z-wave and I'd like to know what is your recommendation for a USB stick which I'm planning to run in a Raspberry Pi 3 B+.
    Do you know something about: UZB Z-Wave Plus USB Stick, I found it at a good price and complies with z-wave plus.

  6. CarMazz

    Don't know why, but in PAPER UI, THINGs were added (only Sonos & Lifx. All of my other devices are Z-Wave e.g. GE switches, ST sensors etc and were NOT added.) BUT NO "CONTROLs." were populated. Any suggestions on were I went wrong???
    ALSO, I subscribed awhile back and am NOT getting notified of any of your videos.

  7. Regelos

    I will tell you I found something your setup did mine didn't as well (from your last video. ) The control panel for me didn't autopopulate and I figured out that is because in the standard mode at least in my install was turned off by default.

  8. Eric Brennan

    Great video again. Found your site yesterday and have watched many of your videos already. I have just purchased and new house and starting the journey of automation. First step for me to get a front door lock. Looking at the (Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt). So I will need an z-wave antenna. I believe my the installed liftmaster garage door will link to wifi but not sure to what extent. would love to automate this with geo-zone. I have a spar windows pc running plex server connected to HDHomerun (love this). I plan to install openhab2 on this PC. Wondering what the range of the (Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5).

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