openHAB 2 Basics – Sitemaps and User Interfaces

In this OpenHAB 2 Basics – Sitemaps and User Interfaces video, I’ll show you how to create your own Basic UI interface for openHAB 2. I’ll show you how each Sitemap element is defined and how it looks in the completed user interface, and I’ll show you how sitemap elements can be modified with mappings, visibility or color modifiers. After watching this video and the rest of the openHAB 2 Basics series, you should be ready to create your own home automation user interface in openHAB.

In this new series, I’ll take you through the entire process from starting up with openHAB, to developing advanced rules and home automation functionality. Keep an eye out for future videos and subscribe to my channel!

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-Icons documentation site –

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8 Replies to “openHAB 2 Basics – Sitemaps and User Interfaces”

  1. J Lk

    I’m not sure if it’s too late to suggest or you don’t prefer it, but I will try.
    In the rules would it be possible to show how to setup up a pir sensor or door contact. So when you are at home it will sound a door bell and when you are out, a dog barking. Maybe also turn an outdoor light on, if it’s dark.

  2. Todd Mathewson

    Thanks for taking the time to create these stepping stone how to videos for OpenHAB2. Personally migrating from years with Vera system. It would be very helpful to be able to see your Sitemap file and items file in their entirety. As I try to comprehend just how you have done the things your outlining in comparison to my own files, I find myself rewinding and replaying certain parts trying to figure out just where you inserted certain parts (example: when you inserted "text" into your sitemap to create the sub screen for the individual Kitchen screen (line 25 – 30). I still cannot figure out how to duplicate this for my 4 back patio lights.

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