openHAB 2 Basics – Items & Links | Creation and Configuration

In this openhab 2 Basics video, we talk about the basic block of openHAB configuration (Item), including Item type, description, links, group items, and how to add, edit and configure items and item channel links.. I use the PaperUI as well as VSCode to edit item configuration files (and show you both of the easy ways to do so). This video serves as the basics training in configuring your own installation of openHAB. In the following videos, we will build on this to define a full control system.

In this new series, I’ll take you through the entire process from starting up with openHAB, to developing advanced rules and home automation functionality. Keep an eye out for future videos and subscribe to my channel!

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8 Replies to “openHAB 2 Basics – Items & Links | Creation and Configuration”

  1. TheMmike87

    How have you added the shortcut openhab in visualstudio code? i opened the folder openhab-conf but i can't search the configured things..
    Than i have added a satel alarm binding, the output works fine but the partitions wont arm.. i don't know why…
    thank you

  2. SanchoSanto

    I wish you would've gone into more details on setting up groups. I understood how to set up items and link them but I'm having trouble setting up groups then linking them to things.

  3. J Y

    Wonder if you would make a video on how to add the mqtt definition in the items? I know this maybe ahead of your planning, but I find this part the most powerful part of the openhab and yet very confusing to me. And which OpenHAB extension do you use with the VS Code? I have both openHAB and File Tree view, but they are not like the one you are showing. thanks

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