Oomi Z-Wave Home Automation Hub: Unboxing, Walk-through

The Oomi Home ( has finally arrived, 14+ months after their projected ship date of 2015/10 (as an engineer & product manager: there was no way the hardware would be finished, certified, and mass produced by then…)

I unbox and go through all the accessories (appliance plug, door/window sensor, multi-sensor, dock, and Oomi Touch).

It’s running firmware from 2016-12-06 and as of 2017-01-08, there’s still a lot of work to do:
– UI updates/fixes
– Non-Oomi Z-Wave support
– Additional Z-Wave functionality such as energy data
– IR macros/automations
– INTEGRATIONS! Ecobee, Philips Hue, Nest, Google Home, Amazon Echo, IFTTT, etc.

I intend to replace my existing VeraLite Z-Wave hub once Oomi adds in support for non-Oomi Z-Wave devices.

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10 Replies to “Oomi Z-Wave Home Automation Hub: Unboxing, Walk-through”

  1. Blashzo Nikolov

    Watcing this and skipping all the time. People cant make useful reviews nowadays! So many things you could save… "Magnets are strong…". Well we saw that "Captain Obvious" the very moment you put the tablet on the dock. And who cares bout how much weight the power adapter is? I mean im not gonna put that thing in my pocket and carried with me. Dafuq is this? 5 mins useful information of 35 mins video.

  2. Ash Chopra

    Great Video Jeremy. Fantastic primer that will help me get started setting up my Oomi, with out the usual second guessing. While I get all the Oomi related fulfillment emails, I don't recall seeing a single sales promo emails mentioning sales on extra device add-ons.

    I'm hoping the Z-Wave certified peripherals fully support the standard's mesh networking capabilities.

    Your summary of the projects remaining to-do's is perfect. My priorities would be very similar to your's: not-Oomi Zwave/Zwave+ integration, better universal remote support, IFTTT support, Alexa & Google Home support, the ability to add a few related apps to Touch (EPG, casting and streaming apps, Visio Smartcast, etc). Agree with one of the earlier commentators that the dock or touch should have had an IR blasting capability, as it will likely sit in front of any media centre, whereas the cube could be positioned to high to do effective IR control. Especially if you want the cube focused on an adjacent space/room for better coverage.

    Again, thanks for putting up the video in time for all the project backers to learn from it as our kits arrive.

  3. Cory Patton

    i only had to press the remote buttons once to get the oomi to recognize it, it did however take some time before it showed the message that it was successful, i agree with the database idea for a future update, they could benefit from partnering with someone for this. unfortunately the delay between the WiFi to infrared is longer than i'd like, hopefully something they can optimize in future updates. I'd also like to see the volume buttons be programmable and to have the hardware buttons be able to change actions dependant on what home screen you're on. (one screen dedicated to TV and living room, one screen dedicated to security, one screen dedicated to bedroom) as the touch is essentially designed to be a living room device i feel infrared sensors could have been integrated into the dock as well or the even the controller itself as i'd like to put the cube in my kitchen but i don't believe the Infrared signals will reach my TV from that location. Without the streamer being available they could benefit from adding casting ability to the touch with some media services. Hopefully there will be lots of integration with other platforms coming in the near future. I think a IFTTT service out of the box would have helped them cover the things they are still developing in house.

  4. Dean Crowe

    Great video thanks. Im expecting my kit here in the UK to arrive in the next two weeks. I know now I need to buy a heck of a lot of CR123A batteries, thanks! Disappointed that there's no non OOMI z-wave support yet but will just be glad to get the thing in my hands. What's the 360 IR emitter range like? How did you get into the stock Android system menu? Thanks again.

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